Pride Jazzy EVO 613 Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

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Quick Overview

Key Features of the Jazzy EVO 613

  • Supports weight up to 300 lbs
  • 22" narrow base for tight space navigation
  • Up to 5.1 mph maximum speed
  • 3" ground clearance for overcoming obstacles
  • 13" solid drive tires for durable outdoor use
  • Up to 17 miles range per charge with U1 SLA batteries, 21 miles with lithium-ion
  • Mid-Wheel 6® Technology for a tight turning radius
  • Active-Trac® (ATX) Suspension for smooth rides
  • Memory foam high-back seat that swivels for comfort
  • Adjustable seat sizes and armrests for a perfect fit
  • Removable matte-finish shrouds for a custom look
  • *Pride® FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments

Introducing Jazzy EVO 613 for New Mobility Horizons

Experience a new level of freedom and independence with the Jazzy EVO 613, the latest innovation in power wheelchairs. This groundbreaking mobility device is designed to meet the needs of those seeking enhanced maneuverability and performance. With a narrow 22-inch base, the Jazzy EVO 613 effortlessly navigates tight corners and small spaces, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its advanced lithium-ion battery not only offers longer life but also ensures you stay powered up for more adventures with a quicker charging time. Embrace the smooth, stable ride provided by the patented Active-Trac Suspension and Mid-Wheel 6 Technology, guaranteeing comfort on various terrains. Whether you're looking to explore new places or simply move around your home with ease, the Jazzy EVO 613 is your gateway to new mobility horizons. This power wheelchair isn't just a device; it's a statement of independence and progress, reflecting the innovative spirit of Pride Mobility.

Elevated Comfort with Customizable Seating

Discover unparalleled comfort with the Jazzy EVO 613's customizable seating options.  This power wheelchair is designed to adapt to your unique body shape and preferences, offering adjustable features that ensure a perfect fit.  Choose from memory foam seats available in three sizes - 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch widths - to find the ideal support and cushioning for your daily activities.  Adjust your seat depth, recline, and armrests effortlessly to achieve the most comfortable positioning for you.  The Jazzy EVO 613 goes beyond standard comfort, incorporating ergonomic design and advanced technology to create a seating experience that feels tailored just for you.  Whether you're spending a long day out or simply moving around the house, the elevated comfort of this wheelchair's seating ensures you do so in maximum comfort.  Embrace a mobility solution that prioritizes your well-being and adapts to your lifestyle with the Jazzy EVO 613.

Peak Maneuverability and Robust Power

The Jazzy EVO 613 brings together peak maneuverability and robust power in a compact, user-friendly design.  With its narrow 22-inch width, this electric wheelchair effortlessly navigates through tight spaces, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.  The secret to its smooth performance is the innovative Mid-Wheel 6 Technology combined with Active-Trac Suspension, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride on various terrains.  Powered by a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery, the Jazzy EVO 613 offers long-lasting power, enabling you to travel further on a single charge.  This wheelchair is not just about moving around; it's about reclaiming independence and enjoying life without limitations.  Whether you're looking to tackle uneven sidewalks or simply move around your home, the Jazzy EVO 613 is engineered to provide reliability, comfort, and freedom, making every journey a pleasure.

Where Style and Performance Meet in Mobility

Embrace a fusion of style and performance with the EVO 613, where modern mobility meets your personal flair.  This electric wheelchair is more than a tool for getting around; it's a statement piece that mirrors your individuality and zest for life.  Its sleek design, accentuated by a range of six matte color options, seamlessly blends with any personal style, making every outing an expression of yourself.  Beyond its looks, the EVO 613 is packed with innovative features like Active-Trac Suspension and Mid-Wheel 6 Technology, ensuring smooth, stable rides across diverse terrains.  It's designed for those who don't just seek to move from one place to another but to do so with confidence and grace.  Whether you're navigating the confines of indoor spaces or the adventure of the outdoors, the EVO 613 is your ally in embracing a life full of independence, style, and unyielding performance.

Advancing Technology with Lithium-Ion Battery Efficiency

Step into the future of mobility with the EVO 613, powered by the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries.  This technological leap forward ensures that your wheelchair not only lasts longer but also charges faster, keeping you on the move without lengthy downtimes.  The lightweight nature of lithium-ion batteries contributes to the EVO 613's ease of use, making it simpler to handle and transport.  With these advanced batteries, you're guaranteed a power wheelchair that's ready to go the distance, offering an impressive range on a single charge.  This feature is a game-changer for those who value their independence and are always on the lookout for the next adventure.  The EVO 613 doesn't just keep up with your lifestyle; it enhances it by providing reliability, speed, and efficiency.  With this cutting-edge battery technology, you're not just choosing a mobility device; you're embracing an efficient, eco-friendly solution for daily navigation and exploration.



Model Jazzy® EVO 613/ Jazzy® EVO 613 Li
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Turning Radius 22"
Product Width 22"
Product Length 41" w/footplate 35" w/o footplate
Maximum Speed Up to 5.1 mph
Ground Clearance 3" at motor bracket
Front Wheels 5" solid
Drive Wheels 13" solid
Rear Wheels 5" casters
Drivetrain Two motor, in-line, mid-wheel drive
Braking System Regenerative and electro-mechanical
Suspension Type Active-Trac® (ATX)
Seat Type High-back
Seat Color Black Vinyl
Seat Sizes 16"x16"-18", 18"x18"-20", 20"x18"-20"
Seat-to-Floor Range 19.75"-21.25"
Seat Weight 46 lbs. (16"), 48 lbs (18"), 50 lbs. (20")
Maximum Seat Size 20"-20"
Power Elevating Seat NA
Standard Electronics 40A, PG GC3
Battery Size(s) (2) 12 volt, U-1 or (1) 25V Lithium-iron phosphate
Battery Weight (2) U1-23.5 lbs. each; (1)Lithium - 18.5 lbs.
Battery Charger 3.5A, off-board
Per Charge Range SLA- up to 14 miles (300 lbs.), up to 17.1 miles (200lbs,); Lithium up to 17.6 miles ( 300 lbs.), up to 21 miles (200lbs.)
Weight of Heaviest Piece 94 lbs. (base)
Total Weight 189 lbs. . (SLA); 160.5 (Lithium)
HCPCS Code Group 2: Standard (K0822/K0823)
Warranty Frame: 5-year limited; Drivetrain: 13-month limited; Electronics: 13-month limited; Batteries: 13-month limited (SLA); 3-year limited (Lithium)
Colors Black (matte), White (matte), Red (matte), Iceberg Blue (matte), Robin's Egg Blue (matte), Sugar Plum (matte)
  1. Jazzy® Power Chairs are FDA class II Medical Devices designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments
  2. Varies with user weight, terrain type, battery amp-hour(AH), battery charge, battery condition and tire condition. These specifications can be subject to a variance of (+/- 10%).
  3. Due to manufacturing tolerances and continual product improvement, this specification can be subject to a variance of (+/* 3%).
  4. AGM or gel cell type required.
  5. Tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA, WC Vol2, section 4 & ISO 7176-4 standards. Results derived from theoretical calculations based on battery specifications and drive system performance. Test conducted at maximum weight capacity.
  6. Battery weight may vary based on manufacturer.
  7. Weight includes base, seat and batteries.
HCPCS codes provided should not be considered as legal advice and do not guarantee reimbursement. DME providers are responsible for determining appropriate billing codes when submitting for insurance reimbursement The information contained herein is correct at time of publication; we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

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