Afiscooter S4 Upgraded Off-Road-Wheels 4-Wheel

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No Canopy
Hard Top Canopy
Canopy + Rain Sides
Lock Box - FREE
Large Cargo Box on Brackets
Foot Pedal Accelartion
Golf Bag Holder
Seat Belt
Rear Soft Monster Storage Bag
Rear Soft Oxygen Tank Holder
Rear Soft Walker Holder
Rear Soft Cane and Crutch Holder
Rear Metal Basket
Metal Cane and Crutch Holder
Metal Walker Holder
Metal Oxygen Tank Holder
Armrest Bag (+$53)
Unbreakable Cup and Bottle Holder (+$43)
Weather Cover (+$179)
Cane Holder (+$53)
Extra Light (White) (+$35)
Extra Light (Red) (+$34)
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AFIKIM Electric Vehicles

AFIKIM Electric Vehicles


Quick Overview

Key Features of the Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels

  • FREE 2-year in-home warranty on parts and labor
  • INCLUDED rear extra wide tires for all-terrain performance 
  • Rear wheel drive 24 v dc  1400 w Powerful Motor
  • Max speed 11mph and range of up to 31 miles
  • Ultra-sturdy 4 wheel design and non-slip floor
  • Lockable front storage compartment and option for additional rear compartment
  • Safety features such as swivel seating, rear view mirrors, and headlight standard
  • 35” slim design ideal for indoor and outdoor use – 90” turning radius
  • Heavy duty weight capacity of 500lbs.

A Look at the Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels

Since 1978, Afiscooter has been providing the world with advanced mobility devices and the Afiscooter S4 is truly among the best they have ever designed. This mobility device features the ability to upgrade and customize the scooter to fit your needs, so you never feel as though you are locked into a singular design. This scooter includes upgrades to the wheel system allow for wider, more capable, all-terrain wheels and the suspension system can be upgraded to account for a weight capacity of up to 600lbs. Although the Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels is a remarkably sophisticated machine, the device remains easy to manage and operate. Controls for the device are easy to read at all times. The dash display features a speed indicator along with a battery power level, so you always know how much power is left. Both throttle and reverse are managed with the right handlebar and switching from one to another is as easy as flicking the front and reverse switch located on the tiller. When piloting the Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels, comfort is always available with the ability to adjust the tiller angle and both the height and angle of the seat. As an added bonus, the swivel orthopedic seating allows for easy loading and unloading of the device, so you can always manage this scooter with total confidence. Additional safety features such as turning signals, a smart headlight system, and backup and horn warning sounds make the device among the safest mobility scooters on the market today.

Comfort Features Throughout the Heavy-Duty Design

When a mobility device has such an extensive range as the Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels' 31-mile rating, it had better be a comfortable ride. The Afiscooter S4 is designed with various comfort features to ensure every mile is ideal. From the time you climb into the swivel, orthopedic seat and adjust it to your preferred angle and height, you will begin to discover all the various comfort features that make the Afiscooter S4 so popular among mobility challenged individuals. The tiller onboard the device can be adjusted to fit the right angle for your ideal driving experience and an ergonomic handlebar design ensure your wrists never get tired while riding. The Afiscooter S4 is designed to keep everything within a comfortable reach, so whether you are changing direction, turning on the headlight, or sounding the horn, you will always enjoy pure comfort.

Endless Customization Options

Most mobility devices have some level of customization. However, the Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels is a design marvel with the ability to truly customize your mobility device to fit your individualized needs. Standard features include onboard cup holders, storage compartments, and USB charging ports, but this scooter goes further. Owners can choose to upgrade features by adding additional, large capacity, lockable storage to the rear. This is ideal for groceries or any large items you need to store securely. Other available customization options include upgrades to the tires for wider angle pneumatic wheels. Upgraded golf tires enhances your mobility further and allows for more of an all-terrain format. The Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels is also able to be outfitted with an enhanced suspension system that pushes the boundaries of weight capacity to a full 600lb limit. The options are endless when you choose the Afiscooter S4 for your mobility device.

Is There a Good Warranty?

Investing in a high end, heavy duty mobility scooter is not like buying a gallon of milk. You must think about all aspects of the purchase and be sure it is what you want. Afiscooter makes it easy to choose their brand of mobility devices. Each one comes with a full warranty for 2 years on parts and labor. They also provide an additional year of coverage if you choose, so purchasing the Afiscooter S4 Off-Road-Wheels is an easy decision with such an extensive warranty.



Single Seat Double Seat
Overall Length 65"
Overall Width
Standard Wheels 27" 37"
All-Terrain / Golf Tires 35" 37"