Enclosed Mobility Scooters With Roofs & Canopies

This page shows our collection of enclosed mobility scooters which include a cover, canopy, large windshield or are fully enclosed. 

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To many people, enclosed mobility scooters act as a car – it’s a replacement for a vehicle they are now not able – or were never able – to drive. This means many users are looking for a mobility scooters for adults that can at least mimic a car in a certain way, if at a lower level. You might need your electric wheelchair scooter to cope with debris that could fly in your face, being stuck in the unexpected rainstorm, wind that makes it hard to see where you’re going, cold weather that makes you uncomfortable after being outdoors for a short while, or the sun baking down on you. 

In these scenarios, an either semi or fully enclosed motorized scooter makes sense. 

There isn’t a huge selection of enclosed mobility scooters available on the US market, so if you cannot find a model you like, remember, you can always add mobility equipment such as a mini canopy to most scooters, by means of the mobility scooter universal hitch. 

Some of these medical scooter models are closer to small electric cars than a handicap scooter, as this is where handicap scooters and mini cars overlap.

We sell both 3-wheel and 4-wheel canopy & enclosed mobility scooters – both types of are listed below. Choose a 3 wheel model if you prefer maneuverability in tight corners and small turning radius over extra stability.  Choose a 4 wheel mobile scooter if you prefer extra stability over maneuverability and tight turning. With 4 wheels you are always more stable than with 3.

Are you on the right page? Is a canopy/enclosed mobility scooter the right choice for me?

You are on the right page if any of these factors in enclosed mobility scooters are important to you:

  1. Offers windscreen protection from airborne particles
  2. Offers shielding against wind
  3. Offers shielding against occasional, sudden rain
  4. Offers some relief from sun heat
  5. Offers relief against cold 

Not all enclosed mobility scooters in this category offer all the benefits listed above. Some might only protect, say, against the wind. Check each product page to be sure.

You might be on the wrong page if the above factors in a mobility scooter are NOT important to you. In this case, let’s work out what is important to you, and what would work for you

Remember, enclosed mobility scooters might overlap with other categories. This means scooters in this collection can also be:

  • All-terrain/off-road suitable
  • Heavy-Duty – capable of carrying passengers over 400 lbs.
  • Multi-passenger
  • Fast and good-looking

But if all the qualities 1 to 5 listed above don’t interest you then let’s work out what your main interest is and what can work for you. 

Is your main requirement that your enclosed mobility scooter:

Can carry a heavy/bariatric user?
If yes, check out our heavy-duty mobility scooter collection

Is built sturdily, with a strong frame?
if yes, check out our heavy-duty mobility scooter collection

Can take more than one passenger?
If yes, check out our dual-seat mobility scooter collection

Performs well off-road, on grass, gravel and dirt paths?
if yes, check out our off-road mobility scooter collection

Goes very fast?
If yes, check out our fastest mobility scooter collection

Looks nice and snazzy?
If yes, check out our fastest mobility scooter collection

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Showing all 12 results

What are the different kinds of canopy/enclosed mobility scooters for sale near me available on the market?

  • Windscreen + Hard Canopy top

    Usually a plexiglass front which arches over you and is opaque in its roof section. Held up by horizontal steel brackets projecting from behind the driver’s seat. 
    This will shield you from rain, wind and debris that’s heading straight at you. It will not help in cases where these are coming from the sides. Cold protection is semi effective – you are still exposed on the sides.
    Your hands controlling the throttle of the scooter will largely be protected, and that’s an important plus. Fair sun shielding.

  1. Windscreen + Hard Canopy top + soft sides

    Seen on Afiscooters, this is an upgrade to the Windscreen + Hard Canopy top setup with the addition of a one-piece clear plastic which is designed to sit on either side of the scooter providing soft doors.
    This will shield you from rain, wind and debris that’s heading in any direction. Cold protection is effective – you are protected on the sides.
    This might prove to create a greenhouse effect in the summer, and if so you can easily remove the rain sides and benefit from the canopy’s sun shielding.

  2. Full roof, no doors

    This is where the scooter has a fully integrated roof and windscreen – not an add-on, but an integral part of the vehicle. However, these models stop short at doors.
    This will shield you from rain, wind and debris that’s heading straight at you, or a little to the side. It will not help in cases where these are coming at a direct right angle. Cold protection is semi effective – you are still exposed on the sides.
    Your hands controlling the throttle of the scooter will largely be protected, and that’s an important plus. Good sun shielding.

  3. Fully enclosed with doors

    Here your scooter has a fully integrated roof, as well as doors. Doors may be removable to account for different weather situations.
    This will shield you from rain, wind and debris that’s heading in any direction. Cold protection is effective – you are protected on the sides. 

  4. Add-on canopy

    As mentioned above, there are also add-on canopies available. These do not offer as much protection, but their advantage is that they can work as an addition to any mobility scooter which has a rear universal hitch (most do).
    They will only cover the area directly behind, on top and a little to the side, of the scooter user
    These come in standard, side vented and plastic encased variants.

What kind of weather can canopy/enclosed mobility scooters be used in?

A canopy/enclosed mobility scooter is not an electric scooter and should not be taken as a free pass to be operated in all kinds of conditions. Besides the different configurations available and the protection they are intended to offer, here are a few points to bear in mind.


Most enclosed mobility scooters are not meant to be taken out in the rain as a first option. Yes, they may be double insulated to prevent electric shocks and this can be relied upon in case you are unintentionally caught in rain, but regularly using your scooter in the rain may damage your scooter. Contact us if in doubt about a model. This applies to canopy scooters too. The advantage of canopy models is that if you get caught in the rain, you stay dry.

Snow & Ice 

We cannot take any responsibility for taking your scooter on snow and ice. We advise against it. This applies to canopy scooters too.


Canopy/enclosed are great against the piercing wind and this is where they really shine. Do note, however, that if you live in an area where the winds are particularly strong, an enclosed scooter – with its extra surface area acting like a ship’s sails – might increase the chance of your scooter blowing over. A professional should be consulted in these cases.


The main protection from the sun will come from your canopies overhead section, which is opaque.
Your windscreen might magnify the sun’s rays, and if you feel this is happening, we recommend purchasing a tinting kit, similar to what is sold for automobile windows and windscreens. These stick onto your windscreen providing sun relief. Please contact us for further details on this.

Fully enclosed scooters can actually increase the heat you experience under intense sunlight. We recommend removing sides and doors where possible during warm weather.

Which brands manufacture canopy/enclosed mobility scooters?

This collection contains scooters from brands such as:

    • Afikim/Afiscooters – An Israeli brand with arguably the best quality and most comfortable mobility scooters. Afiscooter are so confident about their products, they offer 2 years free in-home service (in addition to the standard warranty), and the ability to purchase cover plans for an extra year, totaling 3 years maximum. 
    • Shoprider – a well established name in the mobility scooter industry, based in Torrance, California.  On Shoprider Models, we at Heavy Duty Mobility offer you 1 year free in-home service (in addition to the standard warranty), and the ability to purchase cover plans for an extra 1 or 2 years, totaling 3 years maximum. 
  • EWheels – EWheels provides budget and great-looking alternatives to other brands which are usually more expensive. 

Notable Mentions: Best Fast Recreational Enclosed Mobility Scooters

Q Runner Fully Enclosed Cabin Mobility Scooter

Blue Color Front View of Q Runner Fully Enclosed Cabin Mobility ScooterBlue Color Q Runner Fully Enclosed Cabin Mobility ScooterBlue Color Back View of Q Runner Fully Enclosed Cabin Mobility Scooter

The Q Runner stands out as the premier choice for a fully enclosed mobility scooter. This high-performing scooter offers impressive speed and distance capabilities, with a top speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 35 miles on a single charge. Its ability to comfortably accommodate up to three people and carry a weight capacity of 550 lbs, is a distinct feature. A key aspect of the Q Runner is its integral damping suspension system, allowing for optimal performance on uneven terrains and making it the best choice for all terrains compared to other scooters in the market.

Additionally, the Q Runner excels in providing top-tier comfort and convenience. Its fully enclosed cabin and integrated heating system ensure protection against various weather conditions, promising a comfortable ride regardless of the outside environment. The scooter also boasts substantial storage capacity with its large rear bench seat. Equipped with an LCD display and an easy-to-access charging port, the Q Runner is designed to be both functional and effortless to control, delivering a first-class riding experience. This combination of comfort, performance, and innovation solidifies the Q Runner as the best fully enclosed mobility scooter.


  • Fast (20 mph)
  • Long range (35 miles)
  • Fits 3 people


  •         Higher cost
  •         Not for indoor use

Afiscooter S4 Canopy with Rain Sides

Silver Afiscooter S4 Dual Seat Mobility Scooter with Canopy Rain Cover Red Afiscooter S4 Dual Seat Mobility Scooter with Canopy Rain Cover Blue Afiscooter S4 Dual Seat Mobility Scooter with Canopy Rain Cover

Weather conditions can change drastically, but when you have the Afiscooter S4 Canopy with Rain Sides, weather is no longer a significant factor in your ability to get out and ride. The Afiscooter S4 Canopy with Rain Sides offers an all weather format to your mobility needs. Whether it is raining, snowing, or just a bit too bright out, you can still get anywhere you need to be.

The Afiscooter S4 Canopy with Rain Sides is also designed to be more efficient in extreme weather conditions. The device can start up easily in -22 degrees F or 113 degrees F, so no matter how hot or cold it is, you can still maintain your mobility. This device has also been enhanced with multi-terrain pneumatic tires that grip the ground, so wet and rainy conditions will not impair your mobility.


  •  11.5 mph max speed  
  • Full LED Lighting Package
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • 2” Curb Climbing Ability


  •         No Alarm System
  •         Limited Color Options
  •         Not Portable in Vehicle

Afiscooter C4 Canopy

Afiscooter C4 Canopy Gray Color Afiscooter-C4-Canopy-Red Afiscooter-C4-Canopy-Silver

The Afiscooter C4 Canopy provides a confident ride in a variety of weather conditions. If the weather turns south or rain is a factor in the forecast, you do not have to hold off on running errands. The Afiscooter C4 Canopy is designed to be a sleek, urban and rural mobility device that can take you anywhere you want to be. Ergonomic controls offer a worry free driving experience and the device is capable of driving 28 miles on a full charge with easy to read LCD display to keep track of power levels.

The captain’s chair on the Afiscooter C4 Canopy is an adjustable swivel seat and will keep you comfortable throughout the journey. Safety features such as a full lighting package will ensure you can see and be seen no matter what how the weather changes throughout the day. This mobility scooter is also enhanced with 9.3mph speed capabilities and a 5” ground clearance for a truly remarkable ride experience.


  •         12” Pneumatic Tires
  •         330lbs. Max Weight Capacity
  •         9 Degree Climbing Angle


  •         264 lbs. Total Weight
  •         Limited Color Options
  •         Not Ideal for Extreme Terrains

EW-54 E Wheel Scooter

Side View Red EWheels EW-54 Side View Green EWheels EW-54 EWheels EW-54

The sleek, modern styling of the EW-54 attracts a lot of buyers, but this device is not just a pretty face. It offers optimal protection from the sun and rain while keeping the driver completely comfortable in its adjustable, executive seat. The wide angle windshield on the EW-54 helps you keep a close eye on the road ahead even when rain or wind is a factor. The EW-54 comes with flat free tires for more peace-of-mind throughout your journey.

Secure storage options onboard the EW-54 beneath the seat and a basket behind the device offer to keep your valuables safe from harm in any weather condition. You can also opt for a cell phone holder on your main handlebars, fully protected from the rain. The EW-54 is also enhanced with essential safety features such as a full lighting package and electromagnetic braking system to ensure you feel secure driving the device day or night and in various weather conditions.


  •         Range of 43 Miles
  •         500lb. Weight Capacity
  •         15 mph Top Speed


  • 333lbs. Total Weight
  • Does Not Disassemble
  • Not Ideal for Indoor Use
  • Narrow seat width of 18″

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is the Q Runner street legal?

The legality of using a Q Runner mobility scooter on the street largely depends on local municipal bylaws.

While certain communities permit the use of Q Runner scooters on side roads or within gated communities, others might have restrictions. Therefore, it’s crucial to check your local regulations to ensure that riding a Q Runner scooter on the street is legal in your area.

2. How fast does a Q runner go?

The Q-Runner can go quite fast, reaching a top speed of 20 mph.

This means it can move quicker than many other mobility scooters, helping you get to your destination faster.