Mobility Scooter Electric Vehicle Lifts

This page shows our collection of electric vehicle lifts for mobility scooters.

These are platforms which attach to your rear vehicle hitch – the same one that is used to tow a trailer. 

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All lifts in this collection are made in the USA. Cheaper lifts made in other countries  are available on other websites such as Amazon, but we prefer to focus on quality.

The platform is electrically powered to rise up and lower down. When in down position, you simply drive the scooter onto the platform. You then secure the scooter to the platform  and activate the lift to raise the platform to hitch height. The lift stays in this position whilst driving. For unloading, you repeat these steps in reverse: lower, unstrap and drive off.

When not in use, the platform can be folded upright (whilst still on your hitch). This allows for easier parking etc. 

These scooter lifts are useful for transporting large mobility scooters – unlike travel mobility scooters, none of our models disassemble properly  or fold into compact shapes. If you need to bring one of our scooters somewhere by car, placing it in the trunk won’t be a possibility. A vehicle scooter lift is often the most practical solution.

Are you on the right page? Is an electric platform vehicle lift the right choice for my mobility scooter?

You are on the right page if you:

  1. Need to transport your large mobility scooter using a vehicle 
  2. Have a rear trailer hitch installed or are prepared to install one
  3. Have a vehicle that can handle heavy tongue weights
  4. Are able to strap and unstrap a scooter on a platform
  5. Are happy to pay the price of a US-built electric lift

You might be on the wrong page if you:

  1. Want a full-scooter-fledged trailer with its own wheels. 
  2. Have a vehicle that cannot support the weight of a heavy-duty scooter. Contact us for solutions.
  3. Prefer something cheaper such as a manual carrier
  4. Have a truck with a large storage area and prefer a ramp to get your scooter in/on your truck.
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  • -15%EZ-Carrier EZCL/EZCLA Electric Vehicle Lift for Mobility Scooters


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  • -12%Wheelchair Carrier XL4 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lift for Mobility Scooters


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  • -25%EWheels Electric Vehicle Carrier for Mobility Scooter

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Platform lifts are not trailers – they do not have any wheels on their own, instead they place their entire weight vertically on the vehicles’ hitch. It’s therefore very important to check the max tongue weight on your hitch as the weight of the scooter is bearing down, not pulling horizontally on the hitch.

The tongue weight of your hitch/vehicle must be at least the same (preferably more) as the weight of your mobility scooter plus the weight of the lift itself.

If your car does not have a hitch installed, you can easily have one installed and many service providers can give you a quote for installing the hitch and lift at the same time. Before starting, you should ask the installer for the max tongue weight hitch your car can handle and see if this works with the scooter of your choice.

Features to look out for in scooter car lifts:

Flip up

Allows you to flip the platform up vertically so it takes up less room when not in use. Useful for parking and turning in tight spaces. Most platform lifts have this feature as standard. Some lifts, Such as the EZ Carrier EZCLA, have an electric flip function, meaning this flip action is completed electrically rather than manually. 

Swing Away

Usually an add-on feature, this is an extra steel arm which allows you to swing the lift horizontally out of the way even when the platform is down. This allows you use of your trunk which can be rendered inaccessible by non-swing-away lifts, and is a must have to many customers.

Height Adjustable

Some lifts allow you to adjust the height  of the platform when the lift is at hitch level – driving mode. With heavy mobility scooters, the end of your platform could sag a little leading to the platform scraping the road. Height adjustability can help solve this problem.

Platform Size

Remember your platform needs to be big enough in length and width to fit your scooter! This does not mean the length and width of the lift need to be as large as your scooter, as the bumpers of your scooter wont be resting on the platform either way. 

You’ll need the length of the platform to be the length of the wheelbase of your scooter and the width to allow for enough wheel to make contact with the lift. For example, if you have extra wide tires, the full width of the tires don’t necessarily need to be resting on the platform for a secure fit.

Motor & Power

Most scooter platform vehicle lifts have their own dedicated motors close to the platform with wires (usually included) run to the car’s battery for power. This requires some time and vehicle know-how though anyone with rudimentary car repair skills can do this easily. It’s also a simple job for a car mechanic if you aren’t so inclined.

Tippmann Lifts are unique in that they do not have their own motors. Instead, you use any house drill with a certain size drill bit to power the lift up and down. Just stick the drill in the designated hole and press the trigger. This saves on lift cost, installation costs, and also means the installation is as quick as slipping in a bolt – super easy. 

Which US brands manufacture mobility scooter car lifts?

  • EZ Carrier – Specializing in electric scooter lifts, based out of Westland, MI
  • Tippmann Lifts – Unique design, lifts are powered by house drill, saving costs and installation time. Based out of Fort Wayne, IN 
  • WheelChair Carrier – Well-established wheelchair and mobility scooter platform lift manufacturer in Toledo, OH

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EZ Carrier EZCL Electric Lift

Actual Image of EZ-Carrier EZCL/EZCLA Electric Vehicle Lift for Mobility Scooters Side View of EZ-Carrier EZCL/EZCLA Electric Vehicle Lift for Mobility Scooters Back Side View of EZ-Carrier EZCL/EZCLA Electric Vehicle Lift for Mobility Scooters

The EX Carrier EZCL Electric Lift is the ideal way to carry your full size mobility device anywhere you need to go. It attaches to the rear of any vehicle and allows you to simply drive your mobility scooter onto the platform and effortlessly lift it and lock it into place. The EZCL is designed for more robust and heavy duty mobility devices, so it will not bend or break during transport.

The electric function allows you to maintain your mobility even if your strength has suffered due to injury or disability. With the touch of a button, you can easily transport your mobility device anywhere you need to be. The EZCL Electric Lift frees you to travel more without compromising your mobility needs. When not in use transporting your device, the platform can be lifted out of the way and it will not affect your ability to access the trunk space of your car, truck, or SUV.


  •         Easy to Install
  •         Heavy Duty Design
  •         Attaches to Most Vehicles


  •         Requires Wiring Harness
  •         Only Holds 350lbs.
  •         Might Impair Backup Camera of Vehicle

Tippmann Heavy Duty Mobility Carrier

Tippmann Heavy-Duty House Drill Electric Vehicle Carrier for Mobility Scooters Back View of Tippmann Heavy-Duty House Drill Electric Vehicle Carrier for Mobility Scooters Actual Image of Tippmann Heavy-Duty House Drill Electric Vehicle Carrier for Mobility Scooters

The Tippmann Heavy Duty Mobility Carrier is a platform style mobility carrier that fits most SUVs, cars, and trucks. It is designed with beveled sides so you can simply drive your mobility device onto the platform. The mesh, steel construction enables the device to shed water, so you never have to worry about the steel frame construction rusting or corroding in the weather.

Dimensions for the platform are 54” L X 28” Depth, so it can contend with full size mobility devices easier. Tying down your device remains easy as the Tippmann Heavy Duty Mobility Carrier has various holes for tie down straps. The device holds up to 350lbs. so it is ideal for most mobility devices. The device is also run by an electric motor, so there are no complicated manual levers to contend with.


  •         Durable, Heavy Duty Design
  •         Easy to Attach to Vehicle
  •         Flips Up When Not on Use


  •         May Limit Trunk Access
  •         Requires Wiring Harness
  •         Not Ideal for Mobility Devices Over 350lbs.

XL4 Large Scooter Lift

Wheelchair Carrier XL4 Wheelchair Carrier XL4 Wheelchair Carrier XL4_6

The XL4 Large Scooter Lift is versatile enough for most mobility scooters and can hold up to 350lbs. The device offers a substantially large platform at 48” long and 34” wide. This device accommodates a Class II and Class III hitch and can be attached to most cars, trucks, or SUVs. The XL4 Large Scooter Lift is designed specifically for 4-wheel scooter configurations and is fully automatic.

An onboard switch operates the lift and works off a 30AMP circuit breaker system. When the lift is not being used, it automatically folds out of the way and offers a swing away option, so you can always have access to the trunk space of your vehicle. Currently, the XL4 Large Scooter Lift is the only electric lift on the market designed for extra large mobility devices.


  •         Switch Box Controls
  •         4 Retractable Ratchets Included
  •         Powder Coated Steel Finish


  •         106lbs. Total Weight
  •         Users Might Require Installation Help
  •         Not Ideal for 3-Wheel Mobility Devices

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