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I got an Afiscooter C for myself and an S model for my...
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Company Testimonials

At Heavy Duty Mobility, we are proud to have built a reputation for providing exceptional products and personal service to our valued customers. We are committed to exceeding your expectations in every way possible, and our Testimonial Page is a reflection of our dedication to your satisfaction.

We know that purchasing a mobility scooter online can be a significant decision, and we believe that the best way to showcase the quality and effectiveness of our products is through the genuine experiences of our customers. Our Testimonial Page is a collection of heartfelt stories and reviews from real people who have purchased and used our mobility scooters.

These reviews are taken from third party review sites such as Google Maps reviews and Trustpilot reviews

As you browse through this page, you will see firsthand the positive impact that our products have had on the lives of our customers. From newfound independence and mobility, to improved quality of life and greater confidence, our mobility scooters have truly made a difference for countless individuals.

But our commitment to our customers goes beyond just providing high-quality products. We are proud to have a dedicated team of experts who are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who genuinely care about your needs and are knowledgeable about our products. Our reviews reflect this commitment to exceptional service, and we’re excited to share them with you. Please note that the images of people accompanying the reviews on this page are solely for illustrative purposes.

We believe in the power of personal service, and when you choose Heavy Duty Mobility, you become part of our family. We take the time to get to know our customers and their unique needs, and we work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best possible experience with our products and services.

So take a moment to browse through our Testimonial Page and discover the stories of our satisfied customers. We are confident that you will see why Heavy Duty Mobility is the trusted choice for high-quality mobility scooters and exceptional personal service.

Expert Guidance

Outstanding service in choosing a mobility scooter. Staff really knows which models are good and which should be avoided and gave me honest advice. I'm so happy with my afi-scooter, it gives me so much freedom.
Christina Carpenter

Effortless Purchasing and Timely Delivery

When we ordered our scooter, we wanted to make sure it would be delivered on time for a yearly festival. Our rep called us back every few days with updates, until the scooter arrived (on time). Even though many items currently have lead times, he made sure we navigated the whole process in a a way that the upgrades we wanted would arrive in time. We purchased using PayTomorrow which gives monthly plans and the process was very smooth, just a few clicks and where were done.
Davin Roth

Satisfied and Happy with the Scooter

Good scooter, I enjoy it, but delivery left much to be desired. They just leave the crate outside your house. Scooter is assembled but you need to take it out of the box etc. I'm 78, I can't do that. Should have chosen other delivery option.
Brenton Harrell

Exceptional Sales Service

OK so I'm thankfully not old enough to need a scooter but got one for my grandma. After her stroke, her walking just wasn't the same and we knew she needed extra help to get to the stores, but wouldn't want a helper. A nice looking scooter was the answer. The person from sales was patient with all our questions and nan was very happy.
Terry Estrada

Outstanding Personalized Support

These guys are not looking to force a product on you that doesn't suit you. They are happy with you taking as long as you want till you make your mind up and offer helpful suggestions along the way. Very genuine, sincere and knowledgeable. When an issue arises, they are there on the phone every time i call.
Whitney Galvan

Expert and Caring Sales Support

Emily the sales girl could not have been more kind kind and honest in her advice to me. From the start when I couldn't tell one model apart from the other, to post delivery, explaining over the phone how to use the controls and unwrap. This is a great company that takes the time to make sure you as a human being are comfortable.
Jovany Mccann

Exceptional Customer Service

We had a super good experience with Heavy Duty Mobility. Raphael was above and beyond with his caring, knowledgeable advice. he listened to all our questions and concerns, sent us extra material via email and was very patient and understanding.
Rebecca Atkins

Expert Bariatric Solutions

I found these guys on the internet. I was in deep trouble having fried the components in my controller thru a stupid thing I did. They are very good with bariatric solutions which I need, don't judge you, just find the best product based on your size, weight and pocket. Thank you Emily, you were most kind, I will recommend you to anyone over 500 lbs that sees how well I fit in my scooter.
Camryn Shepard

Going the Extra Mile

They gave me free advice over the phone and said it doesn't matter if I'm looking to by or not. Got my scooter working again. That's pretty cool.
George Sanford

Customer-Centered Sales Service

If you're looking for a company that cares about its customers, you can't go wrong here. Scooters are classed per what you're looking for and staff will even tell you not to buy a more expensive model since a cheaper one is better for you.
Emanuel Palmer

Top-Notch Sales Support

In the short time i spent researching mobility with a few companies that sell similar products, Heavy Duty Mobility stood out by being the most helpful and caring. If thinking carefully about buying an expensive item, this phenomenal team will give you the attention your purchase deserves.
Elsie Roberson

Great Customer Service and Issue Resolution

I had a few issues with my scooter. It's from a brand they didn't recommend for my use though I still expected it to perform better than it did. Was made up for by good customer service and I'm happy with the resolution.
Michael Torres

Personalized Service with a Human Touch

it's amazing that there are still companies running with real people on the phone (without having to navigate a huge phone menu) that actually listen to what you have to say and recommend a scooter when you're done. Maybe I'm just a sour old prune but it seems there aren't many companies like Heavy Duty Mobility left on the panet.
Kylan Mcmahon

Helpful Phone Service and No Sales Tax

They don't have a showroom so you have to buy online. But they are pretty helpful on the phone and gave me the info I needed. I wasn't charged any sales tax but that might just be my state...
Rene Baird

Compassionate Staff

Staff is kind and wants to help but they don't take Medicare. Not sure what I'm meant to do in my situation. I understand medicare doesn't let any become a registered dealer (or whatever you need to be able to give out free scooters but where am I meant to go?
Raquel Stevenson

Patient and Attentive Service

I needed a mobility scooter for my mother. Medicare don't provide anything decent and wanted to get her a nice one. For the time being i got her one of those travel scooters but just wasn't enough. The guys here helped answer all my questions patiently and no question or point was a bother.
Jovanny Vincent

Extraordinary Support Outshining Local Sellers

Wish I would have known of Heavy Duty Mobility before my experience with a local seller. I assumed buying in person would be better than buying online but I was wrong. After my a hip replacement, I got a scooter to help me around my property. The staff at Heavy Duty Mobility were there every step of the way and were always available on the phone. Thanks!
Hector Ramsey

Excellent White Glove Delivery

My dad and I buy his equipment together. We usually take our time with decision making, but with Raphael's advice it made everything so smooth and we made our decision within a day! We got white glove delivery which stood up to its name and are very happy.
Danielle Hoffman

Excellent Financing Options and Perfect Scooter

They helped me get a loan for a large mobility scooter I couldn't afford. I got 0% APR so not complaining. And the scooter is just perfect. Will take me time to pay off, but worth it.
Jan Morris

Customizable Mobility Scooters at Your Fingertips

Good online store for mobility scooters. They can also add stuff to models but they charge extra. I got a scooter with a canopy but you don't have to choose a model that is covered. Delivery times are OK. My delivery was delayed a few days by the carrier.
Kate Lewis

Great After-Sales Service

I love my scooter. There were a couple of initial issues all sorted out by a technician coming round to my house all for free. These things happen - the main thing is to have a good plan in place. Heavy Duty mobility have that plan.
Aiden Becker

Quick and Efficient Service

The staff here are really helpful and amazing. When I needed a certain document they had it printed and sent to me with same day delivery. Look no further.
Arabella Newton

Remarkable Customer Support

Blown away by all the help offered. I had a scooter that I had recently purchased that wasn't right for me. They patiently helped me sell the old one and even gave me a discount on the new one. It's a shame I didn't find out about Heavy Duty Mobility before I bought the first one, which I bought on the ill-advice of an associate there. Judging by the way I was treated, I'm sure this wouldn't have happened with Heavy Duty Mobility.
Margaret Johnson

Extremely Patient and Accommodating Support

I just wanted to say thank you to Raphael and the staff for being so patient and helpful with me. I had so many questions and they never lost their patience once throughout the process. Especially once I received my Afiscooters, I had a whole bunch of questions for them and they were ready to give me the answers. Thank you.
Robert Davis

Reliable and Customer-Focused Service

It's refreshing for a company to actually do what they say they do. They help you and listen and if something goes wrong, help you get your item fixed under warranty. Five stars!
Betty Jones

Trustworthy Company

I'd give 10 stars if I could. These folks deserve a good rating. Smooth, seamless operation, always there to help. Glad I got rid of the junk company that has been providing me till now. Give your money to companies that deserve it.
James Wilson

Outstanding Products and Service

To all the staff at Heavy Duty Mobility: Than k you for being there for me when I broke hip and needed a new scooter. I love this Merits so much, I'm going to keep it going forward.
Dorothy Clark

Thank you for taking the time to read through our customers’ testimonials. We hope that their experiences have given you insight into the level of quality and service you can expect from Heavy Duty Mobility.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with the green button below. We would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect mobility scooter that fits your needs and lifestyle. Click the red button below to see our full range of mobility scooters and start your journey towards independence and mobility today.


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