2 Seater Mobility Scooter Models

2 Seater Mobility Scooter models are great for couples or anyone don’t want to ride on the scooter alone. This page shows our collection of 2 seat and multi-passenger mobility scooters. This is defined as mobility scooters which are able to carry 2 passengers or more.

There are many cases where 2 seat mobility scooters or multi-passenger mobility scooters are a great solution.

You might find it’s hard for you to walk but want to go out with your significant other using a chair scooter. You might be the spouse of someone that has lost their ability to walk, but you don’t drive. You don’t want to do your chores or have fun alone – you want to do it together! You might have children, grandchildren or a pet you want to ride with, whether just for fun or necessary errands like bringing them to school. Or you might just miss that ability to do someone a favor and offer them a ride when you see them at the side of the road. 

2 seater mobility scooters are also sometimes used by bariatric patients (in the case of a double-seat bench), people who like a lot of extra space, or people anticipating large “cargo” trips such as full supermarket shopping runs. 

The 2 seat mobility scooters in this collection will help you achieve all this, allowing a driver plus one or more extra passengers. You can be the driver, or you can let someone else drive you!

With these 2 seat mobility scooters models, you don’t have to always have the 2nd seat occupied – you can have the scooter to yourself and use the second seat as a backup should the need arise. 

We sell both 3-wheel and 4-wheel dual seat and multi passenger mobility scooters – both types are listed below. Choose a 3 wheel model if you prefer maneuverability and tight turning over extra stability.  Choose four-wheel scooters if you prefer extra stability over maneuverability and tight turning.

Are you on the right page? Is a dual seat or multi-passenger mobility scooter the right choice for me?

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You are on the right page if these factors in a 2 seat mobility scooter are important to you:

  1. Can carry more passengers than just the driver
  2. Has plenty extra room if you are the only passenger
  3. Has extra cargo and storage space 

You might be on the wrong page if the above factors in a mobility scooter are NOT important to you. You might also be on the wrong page if you:

  1. Suffer from vertigo or balance issues 
  2. Can’t trust yourself to slow down in situations that demand it – more weight means more momentum
  3. Have very poor eyesight
  4. Suffer from severe tremors

In this case, let’s work out what is important to you, and what would work for

Remember, dual and multi-seat mobility scooters might overlap with other categories. This means scooters in this collection can also be:

But if all the qualities 1 to 7 listed above don’t interest you, or you suffer from any of the issues listed A to D above, then let’s work out what is your main interest and what can work for you. 

Is your main requirement that your mobility scooter:

Can carry a heavy/bariatric user?
If yes, check out our heavy-duty mobility scooter collection

Is built sturdily, with a strong frame?
If yes, check out our heavy-duty mobility scooter collection

Is covered with a hard roof, canopy, windshield, or enclosed from the sides?
If yes, check out our canopy & enclosed mobility scooter collection

Performs well off-road, on grass, gravel and dirt paths?
If yes, check out our off-road mobility scooter collection

Goes very fast?
If yes, check out our recreational mobility scooter collection

Looks nice and snazzy?
If yes, our recreational mobility scooter collection

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Show Filters

Showing 1–12 of 22 results

What types of 2 seater or triple seat mobility scooters are available? 

Multi seat and 2 seat mobility scooters can be broadly divided into 4 categories: 

  1. Bench side-by-side configuration
  2. Front to back two seat configuration
  3. Hybrid – side-by-side + front to back
  4. 2-in-1 Single seat or dual seat scooter chairs

Bench side-by-side configuration

In this configuration, the riders are placed next to each other in one wide bench. The bench may have partial ergonomic features separating both users, but essentially, we’re talking about one wide seat – wide enough seat width to fit 2 people. These models cannot accommodate more than 2 passengers or the bench would be too wide to fit anywhere. 

In this configuration, the seat is often a non swivel seat due to its higher weight capacity and width.

The steering tiller with the controls is often centered in the middle of the unit. This is generally fine as the throttle is one one side of the tiller so the side the accelerator is on becomes the “captain’s” side.

These scooters are very wide – as wide as 37”. They will fit through many front doors, but in many cases, no further. Interior hotel doors, for instance, can present a problem. 

Front to back two seat configuration

Here the driver has their own seat in front, and the passenger sits behind. The front seat may not be as comfortable as the rear seat in some models – bear this in mind if you need 2 comfortable seats.

These models are narrow, so can fit through tight spaces, but are also very long, so need ample space to turn and usually aren’t suitable for indoors. 

Hybrid – side-by-side + front to back

These multi-passenger electric scooters carry 3 or more passengers. Either the front seat is a bench – able to carry more than one passenger, or, more often, the front seat carries one driver and the rear seat is a bench for two passengers. Both these configurations bring the total passenger count to 3. On some rare occasions you get two benches, each able to carry two passengers, bringing the total riders to 4.

2-in-1 Single seat or dual seat 

There are 2 such kinds:

A: Flip up seat: These scooters allow you to tuck a second seat out of the way when not in use. Since it needs to be compactly stored out of the way at times, this second seat is often just a simple bench and not the most comfortable seat. 

B: Motorcycle style – this is a simple backless seat as seen on many gasoline motorcycles and mopeds. The seat is long enough to accommodate two riders, with the rear passenger holding on to the front passenger who is the driver. Understandably, this configuration is often not suitable for elderly or disabled people.

NOTE: Some electric scooter models are single seat but can be upgraded to dual seat at a later date. Though this is a procedure that involves paying for a local technician callout and labor, in some circumstances it can be an appropriate solution.

Please contact us for more details.

Which brands manufacture 2 seat and multi-passenger mobility scooters?

This collection contains scooters from brands such as:

  • Afikim/Afiscooters – An Israeli brand with arguably the best quality and most comfortable mobility scooters. Afiscooter are so confident about their products, they offer 2 years free in-home service (in addition to the standard warranty), and the ability to purchase cover plans for an extra year, totaling 3 years maximum. Afiscooter has a big presence in the 2-seater market.
  • EWheels – EWheels provides budget and great-looking alternatives to other brands which are usually more expensive. They also do 2-in-1 motorcycle style dual seaters. 

Notable Mentions: Best 2 Seater Mobility Scooters and Multi-Passenger Mobility Scooters

Afiscooter S4 Dual

Afiscooter-S4-Dual-Red Blue Afiscooter S4 Dual Seat Off-Road-Wheels 4-Wheel Afiscooter-S4-Dual-Silver

Comfort is important on any mobility device, but can be even more important on one that is designed for 2 people. The Afiscooter S4 Dual offers a 33” seat with adjustable armrests and headrests to accommodate various sized people. With a total weight capacity of 450lbs. with suspension enhancement options that can boost the weight capacity to 600lbs., the Afiscooter S4 Dual 2 person mobility scooter is the heavy duty dual mobility device you have been looking for.

Afiscooter offers the ability to further enhance your impressively designed Afiscooter S4 Dual with a boosted motor with speeds of up to 11.5mph, but do not worry about the device going too fast. The Afiscooter S4 Dual 2 person scooter is offered with a variable speed knob, so you can always keep your speed in check. it also comes with heavy duty tubeless tires.


  •         Variable Wheel Options
  •         5” Ground Clearance
  •         37” Total Width


  •         Total Weight 364lbs.
  •         Not Portable in Vehicle
  •         Not Designed for Indoor Use

Afiscooter S3 Dual

S3 Dual Seat RedBlue Afiscooter S3 Dual Seat Mobility Scooter S3-Dual-Seat-Gray

The Afiscooter S3 Dual is another two person mobility scooter that maintains a max length of just 61” and a width of 37” with a 33” orthopedic rated seat. Both you and your partner can ride in optimal comfort with adjustable seat features on both head and arm rests. Not only can you expect total comfort, but the Afiscooter S3 Dual is rated to hold up to 600lbs. when equipped with the enhanced suspension system.

A tight turning radius of 56” onboard the Afiscooter S3 Dual is provided by the easy to use 3-wheel configuration. Although it is not rated for indoor use due to its robust nature, the Afiscooter S3 Dual can be taken virtually anywhere in an urban or rural environment. Top speed for the device is 11.5mph with upgraded motor and the 13 degree climbing rating for the device allows it to effortlessly contend with hills, even when fully loaded.


  •         31 Mile Range
  •         Bariatric Rated
  •         Ample Leg Space for Both Parties


  •         359lb. Total Weight
  •         Not Foldable
  •         Not Ideal for Air Travel


Front View Red EWheels EW-66 Side View Red EWheels EW-66 Front View Red EWheels EW-66

The EW-66 2 seat electric scooter is the complete mobility package. It maintains a high capacity motor capable of speeds of up to 15mph and a full range of 40 miles. It also has the unique feature of being a dual seater mobility device. Generally, 2 seat mobility scooters offer a side by side seating option, but the EW-66 offers a different, and sometimes preferred, front and back seating arrangement.

The dual seat EW-66 is not just a fast, functional mobility device, but a sturdy one as well. With the ability to carry up to 600lbs. there are few limits to your personal mobility. The 700W brushless motor allows for such impressive features, but do not worry about going too fast on this device. It comes equipped with comprehensive speed controls that allow you to go as slow as 1mph, so you can always drive at a comfortable speed. Definitely so much better than an ebay mobility scooter.


  •         3-Wheel Configuration
  •         4.5” Ground Clearance
  •         Supportive and Comfortable Seating


  •         No USB Charging Ports
  •         Tiller Not Adjustable
  •         Only Comes in Red

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