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The Best 2 Seater Mobility Scooter list – Most Info Out There!

Table of Contents

Two seaters and multiple seater mobility scooters live image.


Finding the right 2 seater mobility scooter in the USA that can fit two people comfortably isn’t always easy, but our team of experts is here to help. We’ve created a guide full of some top-rated dual seat models from across the United States. No matter your level of mobility or need for strength and power, we’re sure you’ll find an option suited just for you and have you covered. 

How we select the best dual-seat mobility scooters

We focus on what’s extra important for electric mobility scooters with two seats or more: extra comfort, strong frame designs, as well as reliable brakes, fast battery charging times, and powerful motors. 

Our selection of USA-available models shows both 3 wheels as well as 4 wheels models, each customer will have their own preference. Three wheels offer tighter turning and four wheels more stability, which is important if you have one passenger heavier than the other!

Factors for best 2 seater mobility scooter models

When making a decision we consider a range of factors such as seating position (side-by-side vs back-to-front seating) and other key details like the top speed too, lift capability for transportation, brand reputability & more; so we ensure that you can be confident when picking out just the right model for yourself.

The Perfect Way to Explore Together: 2-seater Mobility Scooters

It’s not just about what makes a great scooter with two seats in particular, but also what makes great electric mobility scooters in general: such as warranty, wide wheels, top speed, reliability, and good brand.

We won’t be considering a power chair in this article since these don’t come in dual seat configuration unless you’re spending well over $15,000 for a top-of-the-line custom model.

There aren’t that many 2 seater mobility scooter options

While there may not be a great deal of mobility scooter 2 seater types available on the US market, we’ve done our “due diligence” in order to provide you with the most comprehensive list of the best options out there.  So whether you’re looking to travel with a companion or simply need a little extra space, just read on to discover the best 2 seater mobility scooter for your needs.

To ensure that the information presented in this comparison guide is accurate and authoritative, all claims and comparisons have been fact-checked and verified with official sources. Links to the official manufacturer’s websites for the Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual, Afiscooter SE Dual, Pushpak 6000 and RMB E-Quad XL Dual have been provided, as well as links to other reputable sources in the mobility scooters industry.


AFISCOOTER S3/S4Afiscooter S4 Dual

  • Side-by-side seating
  • Wide 33″ seat for 2 – luxury, comfort and power
  • 2-year warranty
  • May be difficult to navigate in tight spaces



  • Side-by-side seating -33″ bench
  • Retro-style two-seater mobility scooter 
  • May not work with all lifts and lacks digital display
  • For outdoor adventures in comfort and style.
  • Back-to-front seating – up to 3 passengers
  • Lithium-Ion battery charging in 8 hours
  • 30% climbing ability
  • Not ideal for tight spaces and heavy at 570lbs
  • Side-by-side separate seats
  • Removable jumbo shopping basket in front
  • Compact and transportable at 255lbs 
  • Available in red and white color.

Now buckle up and join us on this exciting ride as we explore the features and benefits of each model in-depth, helping you make an informed decision and find the perfect match for your needs!

Top 4 2-seater mobility scooters: which one is right for you?

Semi sideview picture of the Afiscooter S3 mobility scooter.
Afiscooter S3 Dual
Semi sideview picture of the Afiscooter S4 mobility scooter.
Afiscooter S4 Dual

For those who need a little help getting around but don’t want to leave their companion behind, the Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual is an outstanding option. Boasting two comfortable seats and measuring 33” for both the S3 model and for the S4 variant, it’s one of the largest dual-seat scooters money can buy! It stands out from other 2 seater mobility scooter examples in luxury, comfort and power. 

Whether traveling through town with friends and family or cruising along with your partner by your side, you won’t be left wanting in quality or comfort on these top-of-the-line electric mobility scooters.

Close-up of the Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual Seat.
Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual Seat Close-Up

This extra size comes equipped with added benefits, including a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs with the bariatric upgrade and a travel range of up to 37 miles depending on the battery upgrade.

Power and Versatility for All-Terrain Exploration

The Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual packs plenty of power and versatility with its adjustable speed, ranging from 6.2-11.2 mph depending on the motor upgrade you choose – perfect for those who need to cover some serious ground! This awesome scooter is also fully equipped for all-terrain exploration, featuring either standard wheels or optional off-road tires designed specifically for golf courses and other bumpy surfaces. You can trust your journey thanks to a formidable 1400W motor paired up with an SD 140A controller – this reliable system guarantees that you’ll reach your destination in no time at all.

You can get the S3 and S4 with extra wide wheels to add to your stability with 2 people on the same scooter.

Afiscooter S3/S4 standard vs Golf tire.

The Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comfortable ride. Its wide seat (33”) make sure that anyone who jumps on board with you won’t be cramped in any way, plus it offers plenty of headroom too – even when taking advantage of its canopy option. Just bear in mind that this added height might cause some transportation difficulties before making your purchase decision.

Real-world Professional Assessment

When testing the scooter at our warehouse, we found that the Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual is a great electric scooter, no doubt. But one potential drawback of opting for it on the market might be its width – 37 inches wide to be exact. That’s wider than many standard 36-inch interior and exterior doorways in US homes and other tight spots you may need your scoot through. We tried running the scooter through some of our internal doors at the warehouse and it was just too wide.

We found the rear basket lockbox option super useful when taking our gear around from place to place.  

When we did a test transporting two people with this model on a scooter lift, we were pleasantly surprised. So don’t worry if you you need to transport this on your car. As this model offers side-by-side seating configurations, it’s possible to transport by vehicle platform lift. Not any type of heavy-duty car platform lift will fit your needs perfectly. You’ll also need a car that can take at least 500 lbs tongue weight. But it’s still better than back to front mobility scooters that is simply to long to transport on any normal platform lift. 

Comfortable and Capable

If you’re looking for a dual-seat mobility scooter that can take on any terrain and keeps you comfortable, the Afiscooter S3/S4 Dual is an excellent option. Both the S3 and S4 come in lovely colors: gray, red, blue and silver colors. Not only does it come with all the features to make your ride smooth, like its powerful motor and wide wheelbase, but best of all, it’s backed by a 2-year warranty so you know your investment will be safe. Plus, if transportability is important to you – no worries here either; this trusty companion has a side-by-side seating configuration making car lifts nothing more than a breeze. All in all, the Afiscooter delivers comfort plus confidence: what else could one want from their first two seat mobility scooter?

Its advanced features and reliable performance make it a top choice for seniors for those who need mobility scooters to travel with a companion.

Please watch the video below to see the Afikim S in action!


  • Dual-seat design: Perfect for traveling with a companion.
  • Size: One of the largest dual-seat scooters with a wide seat and headroom.
  • Weight capacity: Can hold up to 600 lbs with bariatric upgrade.
  • Travel range: Up to 37 miles, depending on battery upgrade.
  • Power and versatility: Adjustable speed and all-terrain capability.
  • Stability: Extra wide wheels for added stability.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Width: 37 inches wide, may be difficult to maneuver through standard doorways.
  • Transportation difficulties: Canopy height may cause issues during transportation.
  • Price: Relatively expensive.
  • Weight: Relatively heavy, difficult to transport without a lift or ramp.

Customer Testimonials: Afiscooter S3/S4

Madison Brown
Madison Brown
Afiscooter S3 Review
Read More
I'm 75 and found the Afiscooter S3 to be a powerful and comfortable ride. However, it was challenging to transport it since my sedan and the turning radius wasn't great for tight spaces. Overall, it's a good choice for handling rough terrain, but not for in my house.
Theodore Clark
Theodore Clark
Afiscooter S4 Review
Read More
I love exploring the outdoors, I enjoy reliable mobility scooters and this Afiscooter S4 has been great so far. It's indeed powerful, comfortable. It is quite heavy, though, which can make transportation a challenge. But I'm really happy with my purchase. No regrets!

You can click to add the Afikim S3 Dual Seat to your shopping cart if you think tight turning ability is for you. Alternatively, You can add the Afikim S4 Dual Seat to your shopping cart if you think stability is better for you.

The Afiscooter SE dual is a stylish two-seater mobility scooter that you won’t want to miss. With its classic black and chrome colors, it offers an eye-catching retro look while giving passengers the unparalleled comfort they need for smooth rides. Need to ride solo? This amazing electric mobility scooter also comes in a single-seat configuration.

The are no 2 seats on this model, it’s one large 33″ wide bench which can accommodate two passengers. Then bench is of leather effect, plush and comfy.

Close-up of Afiscooter SE Dual Seat.
Afiscooter SE Dual Seat Close-Up

What sets this scooter apart from the others on this list is its back-to-basics functionality and design. Some people simply prefer things the way they were once-upon-a-time. The SE hasn’t changed a great deal in the 30 years it’s been produced by Afikim. That’s a testament to great design that actually works for users through the decades.

This is a three-wheels model – actually super large wheels. The front tires are at 20″ and rear at 24″ diameter, the largest we have seen in this space. In terms of storage, the basket on this  2 seater mobility scooter is a huge upgrade from the single seat SE. It’s basically a metal walled cargo area with bags of space for all your needs.

Afiscooter SE rear basket for storage.
Afiscooter SE Rear Basket Close-Up

The Afiscooter SE mobility scooter 2 seater is designed to make your life easier, with user-friendly electric controls that are much simpler than other models on the market. And its traditional handlebars and wheels let you effortlessly turn no matter if it’s in a small space or an open area. Plus, at 45″ turning radius, this scooter is super maneuverable for anyone who needs help getting around tight outdoor spaces.

Picture of the Afiscooter SE with retro front light and classic tiller.

Explore the Great Outdoors in Style

The Afiscooter SE dual is a luxurious mobility vehicle with dimensions that make it perfect for both rugged terrain and comfort. At 65″ long, 36″ wide, 40″ (or 70″ with the canopy) tall, and 5″ ground clearance, traversing rough roads has never been easier. This is the perfect two seater mobility scooter for any occasion – tough enough to handle up to 550lbs, but still not too heavy at a total weight of 359 lbs when its batteries are installed. Let’s get out there in style!

Close-up of Afiscooter SE front & rear tires.
Afiscooter SE Dual Front and Rear Tires Close-Up

You’ll unleash your adventurous side with this dual-seat scooter. It’s perfect for the great outdoors, giving you the power to conquer 15-degree inclines and reach speeds of up to 7.5 mph – all on one charge that’ll keep going strong for 28 miles. Explore hillside paths or have some wild fun in hilly areas, it’s time to take off-roading further than ever before.

This double seater offers serious power and performance, with a 24V DC motor providing an impressive 1,300W of raw might it can easily take riders up even steep inclines or across rough terrain with ease – never fear being left behind! This scooter packs plenty of punch to get wherever you need to be. Its tough motor and dual 12V 73Ah batteries with an 8AMP charger provide impressive power to help you tackle any bumps or sudden turns on the road, while its comfortable pneumatic tires will make sure your ride is smooth as silk. With 20″ diameters in the front and an extra beefy 24″ of rubber at the back, you’ll get some serious traction. Plus, everyone on board gets a total comfortable 33″ inches of seating width to share – plenty for those bumpy rides.

Real-world Professional Assessment

When we got an SE dual at our place and did some real-life tests with it. The dual Afiscooter SE showed us a lot of its unique benefits, but also has a few drawbacks you should be aware of.

Its tiller is in the center – which, for one of our technicians, felt a little unnatural for a passenger to navigate from there. Plus, we felt the lack of digital display meaning you don’t get that modern user interface other brands are offering these days. And finally, its brakes levers were not as trendy contemporary scooters.

Unbeatable Comfort and Style for Two

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty off-duty mobility scooter to take two passengers, then the Afiscooter SE dual may be just what you need. However, it’s important to remember that this sturdy and durable model might not work with all types of lifts – so make sure you do your research beforehand.

This scooter is still a heavy piece of equipment coming in at 359 lbs with its batteries. So, no matter how much you want to take it for a spin every day, transporting this ride might not be as easy as transporting a folding mobility scooter if the lift has weight restrictions, but if you’ve got the room for it and access to an appropriately wide platform – at least 37 inches– then one day moving your dual seater won’t have to feel like such a heavy lift after all.

Ready to cruise in comfort and style? The Afiscooter SE two seater mobility scooter is like your own personal chauffeur for all of life’s journeys. Not only does it look great, but its comfortable ride will make any trip as easy as can be – whether you’re just going around the corner or out on a longer excursion. Make sure to get ready with this awesome scooter. No matter what roads lie ahead in life, this trusty transport has got your back each step (or roll) of the way.

Check out the video of the Afikim SE below:


  • Eye-catching retro design with back-to-basics functionality
  • Large 33″ bench with plush leather effect and huge storage basket
  • User-friendly electric controls and traditional handlebars for maneuverability
  • Suitable for rugged terrain, up to 550lbs, and 15-degree inclines
  • Powerful 1,300W motor with a range of 28 miles and speeds up to 7.5 mph
  • Comfortable pneumatic tires for a smooth ride


  • Center tiller may feel unnatural for passengers
  • Lack of digital display
  • Brakes levers not as trendy as other brands
  • Heavy and not easy to transport with all lifts.

Customer Testimonial: Afiscooter SE

Danny Crawford
Danny Crawford
Afiscooter SE Review
Read More
I'm happy with my Afiscooter SE. The retro style transports me back to the carefree days of my youth especially when riding with my wife. Motor certainly is powerful and I can easily drive through our backyard coz it turns smoothly. I love everything about it except I find the tiller kinda basic. But overall, I'd still recommend this nostalgic, powerful scooter.

You can click to add the Afikim SE Dual Seat to your shopping cart if you think this is one for you!

This front-to-back dual-seater electric mobility scooter is designed with comfort, strength, speed, and durability in mind. It is different from all other USA models on this list since one passenger sits behind the other, not next to it.

Plus, it can handle up to 990 pounds of passenger fun – fast! With a top speed of 25 miles per hour, you’ll be outrunning all of your friends in no time. And here’s something that sets this beast apart — three seats instead of two. That means even more seating room so everyone gets their own space while they ride together.

Close-up of Puchpak 6000 triple seats.
Pushpak 6000 Triple Seat Close-Up

A Reliable Ride with Extra Storage

The Pushpak 6000 electric mobility scooter is your perfect shopping companion. It has a large storage compartment for all those grocery bags, plus an optional canopy upgrade that’s great for sunny days and light rain – so you can ride comfortably without risking sunburn or getting too wet! Make errands more pleasant in any weather condition with this incredible innovation.

When you’re looking for a reliable and dependable scooter, the Pushpak 6000 offers everything you need. Its frame is made of sturdy 6061 aluminum alloyknown to be extra strong and long-lasting – so it can easily accommodate two or three people at once. Plus, its powerful Lithium-Ion battery charges up fast in just eight hours when empty, giving you plenty of juice whenever needed. In terms of colors, the Pushpak 6000 comes in red only as of writing.

Close-up of the storage compartment on the Pushpak 6000 mobility scooter.
Pushpak 6000 Storage Compartment

Pushpak Motors is known for providing users with high-quality mobility scooters, and the Pushpak 6000 showcases why. The Pushpak 6000 is truly at the top of its class when it comes to reliability and durability. With a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, front drum brakes, rear hydraulic disc brakes, and a combined weight capacity – this scooter has earned an impressive reputation from customers

Experience the Ultimate in Comfort and Performance

Pushpak Motors is here to make every journey as easy and comfortable as it can be. Their 6000 model has a special 30% climbing ability, perfect for those hills that seem impossible. It also offers an LCD display so you know what’s going on at all times – plus turn signals, headlight & taillights, horn, and all the safety features needed to ride with confidence. And if anyone needs extra help due to mobility issues or disabilities then this motor will provide the important solutions they need so getting around becomes effortless.

Real-world Professional Assessment

We got a PushPack 6000 down to our scooter warehouse to see how it performs in real life. The Pushpak 6000 offers lots of great perks – but it may not be ideal if you need to make frequent trips through tight spaces. 

At 95 inches wide, we found it hard to navigate those spots. It did get a bit tricky. This model is sure to impress – but it requires some extra room. At 84-inches, it simply needed a bit of floor space for turning. And at that long, realistically speaking this won’t be able to fit on the lift in your shop either. It’s also very heavy and at 570 lbs. We weren’t able to lift it even with 2 technicians trying to lift together. 


If you love mobility scooters that are roomy enough for multiple riders, then the Pushpak 6000 is worth looking into. So take your time exploring all the great features their top-of-the-line product has in store for you.


  • Accommodates up to three passengers
  • High weight capacity of up to 990 pounds
  • Top speed of 25 miles per hour
  • Large storage compartment and optional canopy upgrade
  • Sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame and powerful Lithium-Ion battery
  • Safety features including brakes, turn signals, headlight, taillights, and horn


  • Very long at 95 inches
  • Heavy at 570 pounds
  • Only available in one color (turquoise)
  • May not be suitable for those prioritizing maneuverability over passenger or weight capacity.

Customer Testimonial: Pushpak 6000

Olivia Martin
Olivia Martin
Pushpak 6000 Review
Read More
I love my Pushpak 6000! It feels really sturdy and well-built, and the battery lasts for hours. The seat is super comfy and adjustable, and the scooter is easy to maneuver. The only downsides are that it's pretty heavy and the turning radius could be tighter. But overall, I highly recommend it! When they delivered it, it had some scratches, so Heavy Duty Mobility gave me some free stuff to make up for it.

You can click to add the Pushpak 6000 Triple Seat to your shopping cart if you think this is one for you!

The RMB is a rare two-seater scooter you won’t find on many websites. In a nutshell, this scooter is far lighter than other two seaters, and is more of a basic configuration. This is un like all other dual seaters that are large, heavy duty luxury, all-terrain models.

Another plus is that each seat is totally separate from the other. It’s not just one big bench. This is rare for side-by-side dual seater mobility scooters, more commonly found on front-to-back.

A huge advantage of this model is the optional and removable jumbo shopping basket. If planning to do shopping together, the RMB has you covered. It has something no other dual seat scooter has – a huge basket in front (as opposed to behind as with others models). In this sense, it basically acts as a hybrid between a Walmart scooter cart and mobility scooters.

"Close-up of the front basket on the RMB E-Quad XL Dual mobility scooter.
RMB E-Quad XL Dual Front Basket
Close-up of the rear basket on the RMB E-Quad XL Dual mobility scooter.
RMB E-Quad XL Dual Rear Basket

Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely ride or need to unpack, this efficient electric model offers an impressive weight capacity of 500 lbs to cover both passengers. It is not a slow 2-seat electric outdoor scooter, able to reach speeds up to 15 mph. With these features combined, you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of every journey. Investing in this dual-seat electric mobility scooter, is one way you can guarantee reliable transportation for two passengers – no matter how far your destination may be

Close-up of the RMB E-Quad XL Two Seats.
RMB E-Quad XL Dual Seats Close-Up

Powerful and Eco-Friendly

The RMB E-Quad XL Dual packs a powerful punch with its 48V 800W motor, giving you and your passengers the smoothest ride around. And compared to other motors, it’s got an edge in durability too –  yes, we’re talking about that efficient DC brushless motor. That being said this scooter is not only great for taking out on adventures but also gentle on Mother Nature since it operates off a pure electric power control system – perfect for all planet heroes out there.

With sealed lead acid batteries that pack 48V 20Ah capacity, you can get up to 15 miles on one charge, depending on the terrain and other factors like weight or how fast your driver is. Charging it back again takes around 6-8 hours which is usual for mobility scooters of this type.

The RMB E-Quad XL Dual, two seat electric mobility scooter, is a great choice for users who need to travel with their scooters frequently. With dimensions of 57” x 36” x 44″, it’s relatively compact, making it easily transportable on a vehicle platform lift – as long as the lift can handle its weight. You’re right in thinking that it may be larger than some other options but that makes it even more versatile when you’re traveling with your trusty scooter in tow. This scooter is surprisingly lightweight for a 2 seater mobility scooter variety – weighing in at but 255 lbs. But, it’s important to find a lift that can support this weight so it’s safe and sound.

Built to Last

Are you a heavy user? Take the time to check out the RMB E-Quad XL 2-seat electric outdoor scooter – it’s got your back (literally). With its impressive 500lbs weight capacity, this sturdy scooter has been designed with greater convenience in mind. Plus, get ready for an enjoyable ride even over rough terrain! The skid plate is just 5″ from the ground and differential at 3″, so go on that longer journey while still feeling comfortable.

What’s more about rear suspension is; 4 coil springs over hydraulic shocks provide a cushioning effect for passengers in rear suspension while 12” tires give the rear suspension in it extra stability on any terrain (and they can take up to 50 psi). Talk about quality engineering!

Real-world Professional Assessment

When taking delivery of the RMB E-Quad XL Dual seat scooter to give you a first hand idea, this is what we found. Is was great for zipping through tight spots, in our warehouse and outdoors,  but you might sacrifice comfort and sturdiness. 

The seats are far less substantial than other dual seaters which are often all-terrain scooters at the same time. There’s more rattle going on in our experience, and less of a luxury ride. The RMB is painted in an attractive bright red color, with the basket in unpainted metal. You can also get it in white color paint.

On the other hand, its lightweight,  side-by-side camera design has got some interesting advantages so make sure to do your due diligence before pulling and clicking the trigger.

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable ride, look no further than the RMB E-Quad XL Dual Seat Mobility Scooter from the US industry leader RMB EV. This brand has been around for over 10 years and they know what it takes to make sure their products are dependable – using nothing but top-notch components like DC brushless motors that last longer than most, as well as Sealed Lead Acid Batteries with excellent energy outputs even when traveling long distances between charges. Definitely impressive.

Experience a Safe and Reliable Ride

Riding around in an RMB EV scooter is the way to go if you’re looking for a reliable ride. With its robust braking system, this dual-seat model of mobility scooters can easily handle two passengers while they stay safe and secure – no matter what kind of terrain comes their way. Not only will your rides be swift but mobility scooters are also super durable due to its superior strength that makes it built to last.

The RMB EV brand is synonymous with trustworthy and outstanding mobility scooters. Their E-Quad XL Dual seat mobility scooter has all the bells and whistles that make it a standout. It boasts an impressive weight capacity, power output, range – you name it! This product lives up to their pledge of quality engineering too; meaning its dependable plus offers off-roading features for those seeking adventure. Definitely worth looking into if you’re in the market for one.


  • Lightweight compared to other dual seaters
  • Two totally separate seats
  • Removable jumbo shopping basket located in front
  • Powerful 48V 800W motor and 48V 20Ah sealed lead acid batteries with weight capacity of 500 lbs and range of up to 15 miles on one charge
  • Rear suspension and 12” tires for stability on any terrain
  • Relatively lightweight and easily transportable on a lift
  • Reputable brand known for dependable and durable mobility scooters


  • Seats provide less comfort and sturdiness compared to other dual seaters
  • Basket is unpainted metal and may not be aesthetically pleasing for some
  • May sacrifice some comfort and sturdiness for its lightweight and compact design.

Customer Testimonial: RMB E-Quad XL Dual

Susana Williams
Susana Williams
RMB E-Quad XL Dual Review
Read More
It was a good buy for me. It helps me go places I couldn't go before with my caregiver's help, and as the sales guy told us this is not so heavy for a 2 person scooter and I know we made the right choice. All thanks to Raphael who helped us figure out what's the best considering my situation.

You can click to add the RMB E-Quad XL Dual Seat to your shopping cart if you think this is one for you!

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At Heavy Duty Mobility, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best mobility solutions available. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or if you need further assistance in finding the perfect unit for your needsM

Sources for Mentioned Features and Specifications

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Raphael Perlmann

Raphael is a highly experienced professional in the mobility scooter industry, having spent over four years in this direct field. He is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and has a passion for helping individuals make informed decisions about their mobility needs.

Throughout his years in the industry, Raphael has gained a deep understanding of the various models, features, and capabilities of mobility scooters. He is committed to ensuring that his customers have access to accurate and trustworthy information when making purchasing decisions. Raphael has sold numerous mobility scooters, and his firsthand experience with these vehicles allows him to provide reliable and valuable insights.

Raphael's commitment to customer service extends beyond regular business hours. He is always available to answer questions and address concerns, going above and beyond to make the buying process as easy and stress-free as possible. He provides honest and transparent information to his customers and takes pride in helping them make the best decision for their mobility needs.

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    We’ll email you a receipt confirming the payment whenever you pay with PayPal. If you receive an email for a payment you didn’t authorize, contact us immediately. We’ll act fast to secure your account and investigate.

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    Our Buyer Protection Policy helps you in the unlikely event you have a problem with an eligible purchase. If an item doesn’t arrive or match the seller’s description, we’ll help you recover the full purchase price (up to $20,000), including shipping costs.

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