Recreational Mobility Scooters

Recreational mobility scooter overview & product comparison: This page shows our collection of recreational mobility scooters. This is defined as personal mobility scooters which are able to reach a top speed of 10 mph or above. 

Another important factor in ranking the best mobility scooters as recreational is its looks. In this collection we also aimed to filter the fastest mobility scooter models by sporty, snazzy looks.

Many elderly or disabled people don’t want to go around in a medical scooter that looks like it was made for sick or elderly people. They see handicap scooters for sale but want something young and refreshing with a fun design that makes people look in envy rather than pity!

We sell both 3-wheel and 4-wheel recreational mobility scooters – both types are listed below. Choose a 3 wheel model if you prefer maneuverability and tight turning over extra stability.  Choose a 4 wheel model if you prefer extra stability over maneuverability and tight turning. We don’t sell two wheeled mobility scooter models as they are not safe enough for many patients.

Are you on the right page? Is a racing mobility scooter the right choice for me? Or should I look for another best mobility scooter for heavy adults?

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You are on the right page if these factors in a mobility scooter are important to you:

  1. Goes 10 miles per hour or faster at top speed 
  2. Looks cool, young and fun
  3. Won’t break from bumpy roads or under higher than average stress 
  4. Strong motor – great on inclines
  5. Great driving range (measured in miles) per charge
  6. Good quality wheels and tires
  7. Comfortable seat

You might be on the wrong page if the above factors in a mobility scooter are NOT important to you. You might also be on the wrong page if you:

  1. Suffer from vertigo or balance issues – these scooters go fast!
  2. Can’t trust yourself to slow down in situations that demand it
  3. Have very poor eyesight
  4. Suffer from severe tremors

In this case, let’s work out what is important to you, and what would work for

Remember, recreational mobility scooters might overlap with other categories. This means scooters in this collection can also be:

  • All-terrain/off-road suitable
  • Heavy-Duty – capable of carrying passengers over 400 lbs.
  • Multi-passenger
  • Covered with a roof or canopy

But if all the qualities 1 to 7 listed above don’t interest you, or you suffer from any of the issues listed A to D above, then let’s work out what is your main interest and what can work for you. 

Is your main requirement that your mobility scooter:

Can carry a heavy/bariatric user? Need a bariatric mobility scooter?
If yes, check out our heavy-duty mobility scooter collection which is simply another term for bariatric mobility scooters.

Is built sturdily, with a strong frame?
If yes, check out our heavy duty mobility scooter collection

Can take more than one passenger?
If yes, check out our dual-seat mobility scooter collection

Is covered with a hard roof, canopy, windshield, or enclosed from the sides?
If yes, check out our canopy & enclosed mobility scooter collection

Performs well off-road, on grass, gravel and dirt paths?
If yes, check out our off-road mobility scooter collection

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Showing 1–12 of 44 results

Show Filters

Showing 1–12 of 44 results

As mentioned, our criteria for this collection of recreational mobility scooters is fast scooters that have a top speed of 10 mph or above. This raises the question: Should the best mobility scooter go fast?

There are advantages and disadvantages to fast mobility scooters over 10 mph.


  • More fun!
  • Get to places faster 
  • Increases the range of places it’s practical to take your scooter to. A journey that would take 4 hours round trip on a normal scooter, might be too long for you. If you can cut your journey time by half with a recreational scooter, that journey might now become practical.


  • Requires good control, dexterity and reaction times
  • Braking times are longer
  • Stopping times are longer
  • Higher risk of tipping if not used correctly 
  • More jerky acceleration on lower quality models
  • Mobility scooter batteries are drained quicker

Note: These safety risks are associated with actually riding the scooter at top speed. Just because a scooter can reach 18 mph, doesn’t mean you have to ride it at that speed. 

In fact, virtually all fast scooters have a knob or switch allowing you to decrease the top speed to safer limits for a smooth and comfortable ride. You can also use this knob to decrease top speed in crowded areas, and only use full speed in safe, open areas.

Why don’t mobility scooters go faster than 18 mph?

The safety disadvantages mentioned above become more and more acute as you go faster. At a top speed of 10 mph, they are rarely a concern. Between 10-18 mph, people with slow reaction times have time to be extra careful. Above 18 mph may pose a safety risk to elderly people.

Many of the better brands won’t produce a scooter that goes faster than 11 mph and you’d be hard pressed to find one that exceeds a top speed of 18 mph. 

Remember, these scooters are designed for elderly people whose reaction times and dexterity might be lower than average. Safety is key, and generally speaking, the better the brand, the more emphasis on safety, and by extension, the lower the top speed on their scooters. These brands want to make sure you’ll be able to slow and stop in time, have a smooth ride, and not tip over at any point.

When we mention safety we mean primarily the safety of the user/rider and passengers (in case of multi passenger models), but also the safety of other road/sidewalk users. 

NOTE: Some scooters in this collection have a top speed of under 10 mph, but have an optional upgrade which boosts the speed to 10 mph or more, and are thus included in this category.

You can find this upgrade on the scooter’s product pager under the “Options & Upgrades” tab.

Which brands manufacture the best recreational mobility scooters?

This collection contains scooters from great brands such as:

  • Afikim/Afiscooters – An Israeli brand with arguably the best quality and most comfortable mobility scooters. Afiscooter are so confident about their products, they offer 2 years free in-home service (in addition to the standard warranty), and the ability to purchase cover plans for an extra year, totaling 3 years maximum. 
  • Merits USA – a top trusted brand in the durable medical equipment industry. On Merits Models, we at Heavy Duty Mobility offer you 1 year free in-home service (in addition to the standard warranty), and the ability to purchase cover plans for an extra 1 or 2 years, totaling 3 years maximum. 
  • EV Rider – years of experience in the mobility market. EV Rider is based in Fort Myers FL – a well established hotbed of mobility manufacturing and distribution. With exclusive distributor relationships for some of the most sought after global mobility names, EV Rider has a track record of quality products and care post-sale. 
  • Shoprider – a well established name in the mobility scooter industry, based in Torrance, California.  On Shoprider Models, we at Heavy Duty Mobility offer you 1 year free in-home service (in addition to the standard warranty), and the ability to purchase cover plans for an extra 1 or 2 years, totaling 3 years maximum. 

Notable Mentions: Best Fast Recreational Mobility Scooters

Afiscooter S3

Red Afiscooter S3 Mobility Scooter with Golf Tires Best Al Terrain AfiScooter S All-Terrain 3-Wheel Moblity Sooter Silver Afiscooter S3 Mobility Scooter

The ability to go anywhere you need without concern is the format the Afiscooter S3 is built upon. As a winner of the Red Dot Award for remarkable design, the Afiscooter S3 is built as the ideal recreation device and one of the best mobility scooter for outdoors for those who never slow down. With a driving range of up to 31 miles and speed capabilities from 1mph to 9.3mph, with an enhancement option for up to 11mph, the Afiscooter S3 is the ideal fastest electric scooter and recreational mobility device for your needs.

The Afiscooter S3 is built on a steel frame giving it a top weight capacity of 450lbs, so it is ideal for bariatric patients and all those with mobility concerns. The fully adjustable seat allows you to remain comfortable throughout the ride and features such as USB ports and lockable storage compartments further enhance usability of the Afiscooter S3. The Afiscooter S3 also comes in a version with a 4 wheel electric scooter configuration.


  •         Full 2 Year Extendable Warranty
  •         Lights Dim When Parked
  •         Designed for Urban Mobility


  •         Not Ideal for Air or Vehicle Travel
  •         Too Large for Most Indoor Spaces
  •         Not One Hand Operational

Afiscooter SE

Afiscooter SE Dual-Seat Motorcycle-Style Mobility Scooter Front View of Afiscooter SE Motorcycle-Style Recreational Mobility Scooter Side View of Afiscooter SE Dual-Seat Motorcycle-Style Mobility Scooter

One look at the Afiscooter SE will prove this recreational mobility scooter is not like all the rest. The initial design is based on a chopper style with large wheels and impressive chrome throughout. However, the design of the Afiscooter SE is not just for looks. The high strength alloy frame is truly a heavy duty format offering a weight capacity of an impressive 500lbs.

Riders can travel up to 28 miles on a single charge at a swift 9.3mph, so you will never feel as though you are falling behind in speed. Adjustable suspension and shock absorbers enhance overall comfort with a smooth ride on multiple terrains, so the Afiscooter SE is the ideal device for rural, urban, and even rugged environments.


  •         5” Ground Clearance
  •         Rotatable Seat
  •         Large Capacity Rear Basket


  •         Does Not Disassemble
  •         Not Designed for Indoor Use
  •         Requires Enhanced Dexterity


Front View Red EWheels EW-52 Recreational Scooter Front View Orange EWheels EW-52 Recreational Scooter Front View Green EWheels EW-52 Recreational Scooter

Enhancing mobility just got a little more fun with the e wheels EW-52. This recreational rated mobility device has been enhanced with an impressive range of up to 45 miles on a single charge. Speed is also on your side as this e wheels 4 wheel scooter maintains speed capabilities of up to 15mph with 3 speed setting to choose from. Not only does the EW-52 get you where you need to go in a hurry, it offers a multi-terrain format with a 6” ground clearance.

Full suspension provides a comfortable, smooth ride for riders up to 500lbs. and its full lighting package allow the device to be used in any light. This e wheels electric scooter offers functional features such as onboard USB ports, ample storage compartment, and a key fob controlled security system allow you to travel with ultimate confidence. The EW-52 e wheels medical scooter is designed to get you where you want to be with confidence and make the journey just a little more fun.


  •         Cruise Control Feature
  •         Easy To Control Ergonomic Style
  •         Versatile for Indoor and Outdoor Use


  •         Limited Color Choices
  •         Not All Terrain Rated
  •         No Dual Seat Option

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