TerrainHopper Overlander All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

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Front-side view of TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS, an all-terrain mobility vehicle.
TerrainHopper Overlander All-Terrain Mobility Scooter
$27,134 Original price was: $27,134.$18,995Current price is: $18,995.


Quick Overview

Introducing the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS

Discover the ultimate off-road mobility experience with the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS. Engineered to tackle the most challenging terrains with ease, the Overlander 4ZS is designed to provide unparalleled freedom and independence for individuals with disabilities, limited mobility, or those simply seeking an adventurous way to explore the great outdoors. Side view of TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS, an all-terrain mobility vehicle.

Unmatched Off-Road Capabilities

The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS features a powerful four-wheel drive system, with each wheel powered by its own high-torque electric motor. This innovative design ensures maximum traction and power on any terain, allowing users to overcome obstacles such as deep mud, soft sand, snow, rocks, and steep inclines with ease. With an impressive ground clearance of 10 inches, the Overlander 4ZS is designed to traverse rough surfaces effortlessly, preventing the risk of getting stuck or damaging the underside of the mobility scooter. Its 35-degree climbing capability enables users to tackle steep hills and uneven terrain, providing the ultimate off-road experience. Due to these remarkable features, the Overlander 4ZS is commonly referred to as the "mini Land Rover" of all-terrain mobility solutions. Moreover, the Overlander 4ZS is equipped with a responsive and adaptable suspension system, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on the roughest terrains. The independent suspension on each wheel absorbs shocks and vibrations, allowing users to maintain control and stability during their off-road adventures. Close-up of TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS suspension system, designed for superior off-road performance. The combination of its powerful electric motors, four-wheel drive system, and advanced suspension make the Overlander 4ZS a top choice for individuals seeking an all-terrain mobility scooter that can handle the most challenging environments. With the Overlander 4ZS, users can fearlessly explore the great outdoors, rediscover their passion for adventure, and enjoy an unmatched off-road mobility experience.

Customizable Design for Personalized Comfort and Control

The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS is designed to provide the ultimate off-road experience, while also ensuring personalized comfort and control for every user. With a multitude of customization options, the Overlander 4ZS can be tailored to fit each individual's unique preferences and requirements, guaranteeing an enjoyable and user-friendly experience. Adjustable seating and backrest options cater to users of various heights and sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride throughout their outdoor adventures. The seating can be easily adjusted to provide the perfect fit, while the customizable backrest offers additional support and comfort during long excursions. Close-up of TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS seat The Overlander 4ZS also features adaptable steering options, allowing users to choose the most convenient and comfortable method of control. Handlebar steering with hand throttle comes as standard, but for those who prefer a more intuitive control system, an optional joystick controller can be installed. This flexibility ensures that users can efortlessly maneuver the Overlander 4ZS, regardless of their physical capabilities or previous experience with mobility scooters. In addition to these personalization options, the Overlander 4ZS also offers a variety of custom features to enhance usability, performance, and aesthetics. Users can choose from different tire options, colors, and additional accessories such as winches, waterproof motors, overhead roll bars, and more. By customizing the Overlander 4ZS to suit their individual needs and preferences, users can truly make this all-terrain mobility scooter their own. Close-up view of TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS front, featuring the control panel/tiller and handlebar steering for comfortable and responsive off-road driving. From the cockpit to the control panel, the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS prioritizes user comfort and control, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable off-road experience. With its customizable design and user-friendly features, the Overlander 4ZS is the ideal mobility solution for those seeking adventure and independence in the great outdoors.

Rugged Construction for Long-Lasting Durability

The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS is not only designed for excptional off-road performance but also for long-lasting durability. With its rugged construction, high-quality materials, and superior engineering, the Overlander 4ZS is built to withstand the test of time and the harshest environments, ensuring users can enjoy countless off-road adventures with confidence. Constructed using robust materials such as steel and aluminum, the Overlander 4ZS offers a sturdy frame that can endure rough terrain, bumps, and impacts. This durable framework ensures the mobility scooter remains stable and secure even during the most challenging off-road excursions. Close-up of TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS control panel/tiller, featuring intuitive controls for easy and precise navigation on any terrain. The powerful electric motors incorporated into the Overlander 4ZS are designed to provide consistent performance and longevity. These motors deliver the necessary power and torque required to tackle steep inclines, deep mud, and other obstacles commonly encountered during off-road adventures. With careful maintenance, these motors will ensure the Overlander 4ZS remains a reliable and efficient all-terrain mobility solution for years to come. One of the key features contributing to the Overlander 4ZS's durability is its independent suspension system. This unique design allows each wheel to move independently, providing smoother rides over uneven terrain while also reducing stress and wear on the frame and components. By absorbing shocks and impacts from rough surfaces, the independent suspension system ensures the longevity of the Overlander 4ZS and its components, allowing users to tackle challenging terrains with paece of mind. The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS is not your ordinary mobility scooter. This beast of a machine has been built to withstand the toughest outdoor expeditions. Made with the finest materials and equipped with the latest technology, it guarantees uncompromised performance even under extreme pressure. And with the Overlander 4ZS by your side, you can boldly blaze a trail through the wilderness without worrying about limitations. This rugged ride is your key to unlocking the great outdoors and discovering the hidden treasures that lie beyond the beaten path. So, strap in, gear up, and get ready to conquer new horizons alongside your trusty TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS! "Close-up of TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS all-terrain tire, featuring a rugged tread pattern for excellent traction on rough terrain. Imagine a vehicle that can take on any terrain, from rocky inclines to sandy beaches. And imagine that vehicle also provides personalized comfort and control, tailored to your unique needs. This is not just a dream, it's a reality with our mobility solution. Our rugged construction ensures that nothing stands in your way, allowing people of all ages and abilities to truly live life to the fullest. Whether you're exploring sandy beaches, rocky trails, or snowy landscapes, the Overlander 4ZS offers unbeatable performance and customization options to ensure you can conquer any terrain in comfort, style, and confidence.

Experience the Great Outdoors Like Never Before

The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS is specifically designed to enable users to engage in an extensive variety of outdoor pursuits, together with their friends and family. This remarkable all-terrain mobility scooter is suited for traversing public beaches, state and national parks, hiking trails, and sidewalks, making it the perfect companion for a wide array of adventures. Whether you're an avid hunter, angler, camper, hiker, or simply someone who loves to stroll along the beach or explore the great outdoors, the Overlander 4ZS is the ideal mobility solution to help you enjoy these activities without limitations. Its impressive capabilities allow users to tackle previously inaccessible terrain with ease, opening up a world of possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS Live Image With the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS by your side, you can confidently embark on any outdoor adventure you can imagine. Experience the thrill of discovering new paths, the serenity of connecting with nature, and the joy of sharing these unforgettable moments with your loved ones. The Overlander 4ZS is not just a mobility scooter – it's the key to unlocking a whole new world of outdoor exploration and creating lasting memories.

Standard Features for a Remarkable Ride

The Overlander 4ZS is packed with an array of standard features designed to enhance your off-road experience, including:
  • Two-speed options: 4mph for extreme off-roading and 12mph for moderate, less demanding off-roading
  • Separate electrical systems for front and rear motors, providing increased power and backup support
  • Four-wheel independent suspension system for a smooth ride over rough terrain
  • Roll bar opening on both sides for easy access
  • Adjustable seating and backrest for maximum comfort
  • Handlebar steering with hand throttle or optional joystick control
  • Safety package with headlight, tail lights, brake light, blinkers, and side mirrors
  • Choice of road or off-road tires to suit your terrain preferences
  • 12V AGM Deep Cycle batteries with a 12-mile range, plus a charger

Additional Customization Options for Your Unique Needs

The Overlander 4ZS offers a variety of custom options to further enhance your mobility experience:
  • Dual steering with full joystick control
  • Waterproof motors and battery box for added protection
  • Overhead roll bar for increased safety
  • 4 or 5-point harness for secure seating
  • Winch with 12V battery, 2,000-pound pulling capacity, and 50 feet of steel wire
  • Additional lighting options for enhanced visibility
  • Manual or electric rotating seat for easy entry and exit
  • Adjustable footrest for personalized comfort
  • Lithium battery options with a range of 17 miles or 35 miles
  • Extended chassis length from 66 inches to 72 inches to accommodate larger users
  • Monster wheels for enhanced off-road capabilities (extended chassis only)
  • Choice of standard colors or custom color options to match your personal style

An Inclusive Mobility Solution for All Adventures

The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS is an all-inclusive mobility solution, designed to cater to individuals across all age groups, including men, women, and children. It has been specifically engineered to accommodate users with a wide range of disabilities, such as spinal injuries, paraplegia, MND, Muscular Dystrophy, MS, Cerebral Palsy, amputations, and more. By offering a truly accessible mobility solution, the Overlander 4ZS ensures that no one is left behind when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. This revolutionary off-road mobility scooter enables those who may have lost their ability to hike or engage in outdoor activities to rekindle their passion for adventure and reconnect with nature. The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS is more than just a mobility aid – it's a symbol of freedom and empowerment, allowing users to overcome physical limitations and participate fully in the activities they love. With the Overlander 4ZS, everyone can embrace their adventurous spirit and create cherished memories with friends and family, regardless of their mobility challenges.

Bring the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS Home Today

Experience the freedom and excitement of off-road exploration with the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS. Engineered for performance, comfort, and durability, this all-terrain mobility solution is designed to help you reclaim your independence and pursue your passion for adventure. Don't let physical limitations hold you back – with the Overlander 4ZS, the world is your playground.


TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS Specifications

Overall Dimensions 46” high (36” with seat folded down) x 66” long (72” with winch)
Seat Width 18”
Seat to Floor Height 24”
Total Product Weight 350 pounds
Max Weight Capacity 350 pounds
Ground Clearance 10”
Maximum Incline 45 degrees
Two-speed Options
First Max Speed of 4 mph
Second Max Speed of 12 mph
Max Range 12-17 miles (with battery upgrade)
Batteries 12V AGM Deep Cycle batteries

How fast does the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter go?

At full speed, you can reach 4-12 mph.

You will find some other brands offer scooters that go faster than this, however high quality brands put a high emphasis on safety too.

In order for a mobility scooter to go faster than around 10 mph, heavy investment must be made to ensure it stays just as safe. For this reason, the more reputable and safe a brand, the more they cap the top speed of their mobility scooters.

How long do the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS batteries last per charge? How many years of use can I get out of the batteries?

Battery running time per charge is measured in miles as opposed to time i.e. how many miles can a fully charged set of batteries take the scooter?

The answer depends on the user’s weight as well as the kind of terrain the scooter is operated upon.

Please take these manufacturer figures with a grain of salt, bearing in mind manufacturers may test their scooters in optimum conditions you won’t find in real life.

For a TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter, the batteries last: 17 miles.

The lifetime of your Overlander batteries is approximately 3 years, but very much depends on how much you use your scooter and whether you take good care of your batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries can be expensive to replace, please be in contact with us for a quote.

How much weight can the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS carry?

The weight capacity of the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter is 350 lbs.

What kind of ground clearance does the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS have? Is it good for paths and trails?

The TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS has a high ground clearance of 10". And with its powerful motor, it will do very well on grass, gravel, and dirt paths.

Options & Upgrades

Financing & Monthly Payments

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Shipping, Warranty & Returns


How long from the time of order until I get my TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter?

This very much depends on two factors: the stock status above and how far you are from Arizona, where most TerrainHopper Overlander mobility scooters ship out from. Bear in mind, different colors of the same model can have different stock statuses. The stock status for this scooter can be seen just under the product title at the top of the page.
  • This item can ship out as soon as the same business day the order is placed. Once shipped out, you can expect a transit time 4-5 business days.Please note these are indicative times and can vary based on how far you are from the supplier warehouse and the volume of orders being received. Also note that upgrades or extra accessory additions to your order may require extra time for installation.
  • If a TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter is showing LEAD TIME with a number of weeks indicated, the estimated ship-out time is that lead time plus standard ship-out and transit time indicated in the paragraph above.

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  • If a TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS scooter is showing OUT OF STOCK above, please contact us for more details. You can call us at 1-888-233-5563 or live chat with an agent by clicking here.

    Please note, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers/manufacturers. If we are showing an item as out of stock, it’s almost certainly the same for other dealers who might not have the most up-to-date information on the websites and may show the item as in stock.


How long does the warranty on TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter last? What’s included/excluded from the warranty?

This mobility scooter is covered by a one-year parts warranty by the manufacturer. This does not include labor. Please check out our Afiscooters collection page - these scooters each come with a 2-year free in-home warranty.


What if I don't like my TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter? Can I return or exchange it?

Yes, returns are possible. Please see our returns policy.

Documentation, Manuals & Safety


Does the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS Mobility Scooter have lights for nighttime riding? Does it have turn signals?

Yes, this mobility scooter comes with a full lighting package – a powerful headlight - rear lights as well as front - and rear turn signals. Riding in the dark isn’t for everyone though and you should carefully consider the safety of doing this in your area, even with a full lighting package on your scooter.

Daily Operation & Transportation

Daily Operation

Can I ride the TerrainHopper Overlander 4ZS mobility scooter in the rain, snow, wind, and hot sun?

  • Rain: It’s OK and safe if you get caught in the rain once in a while, or go through an occasional puddle, but you should try to avoid a trip if you know it’s going to rain.
  • Snow and ice: We cannot take responsibility for using the scooter in these kinds of weather conditions.
  • Cold weather: Fine, though it does negatively impact the battery's health and lifetime.
  • Wind: Generally not an issue unless very strong winds could tip the scooter over. If you have a mobility scooter with a canopy, remember, very strong winds can act as a sail to tip over your scooter.
  • Hot sun: No issue as far as the scooter is concerned. Remember to take along ample hydration!

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