Pride Victory LX Sport 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

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Quick Overview

Pride Victory LX Sport 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Key Features

  • High-speed 4-wheel mobility scooter.
  • Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS) system.
  • Adjustable captain's chair with memory foam inserts.
  • Wraparound delta tiller for easy one-handed operation.
  • Eco and sport mode switch.
  • Comprehensive LED lighting package.
  • 500-watt motor for a smooth and powerful ride.
  • Wide range of available accessories for customization.
Meet the Pride Victory LX Sport, a 4-wheel mobility scooter that's all about comfortable and convenient travel. This scooter doesn't just take you places - it makes sure you enjoy the journey, too. It's speedy, super comfy and designed with you in mind, which makes it a breeze to use.

Pride Victory LX Sport BluePride Victory LX Sport Blue Side View

Performance and Speed

With a top speed of up to 8.6 MPH and an exceptional distance range of up to 19.7 miles for a 200lb user, the Pride Victory LX Sport ensures the perfect balance between speed and endurance, letting you enjoy your journey without worrying about the distance.

Unmatched Comfort

Pride Victory LX Sport Captain Seat The Pride Victory LX Sport is built for comfort. The fully adjustable captain’s chair with memory foam inserts provides a custom fit for every rider. Adjust, swivel, and slide the chair to find your perfect position.

Innovative Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS)

Pride Victory LX Sport CTS The Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS) system adds another layer of comfort, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable ride, whether on pavement or off the beaten path.

Ergonomic Delta Tiller

Pride Victory LX Sport Delta Tiller The scooter’s user-friendly controls are housed in the ergonomic delta tiller. Operate the scooter with one hand, manage speed, switch between eco and sport mode, and always stay informed with the easy-to-read voltmeter.

Superior Night Visibility

Pride Victory LX Sport LED Light Package Stay safe during low-light moments with the comprehensive LED lighting package, including front and rear flashing hazard lights and a low pathway light.

Stability and Durability

Pride Victory LX Sport RedPride Victory LX Sport Red Back

Weighing 221 lbs. without batteries and with a carrying capacity of 400 lbs., the Pride Victory LX Sport boasts superior stability. With a ground clearance of 2.2" at the motor and 3.15" at mid-frame, it easily handles varied terrains.


Pride Victory LX Sport Specifications

Maximum Weight Capacity 400 lbs.
Front Tires 3.5" x 10" solid2
Rear Tires 3.5" x 10" solid2
Maximum Speed8 Up to 8.6 MPH (200 lbs.)
Ground Clearance3 2.2" at motor; 3.15" at rear mid-frame
Turning Radius2 61.25"
Length2 47"
Width2,4 25.5"
Standard Seat Type2 Type: Limited Recline High-back w/ Sliders and Headrest Material: Black Vinyl Seat Size: 18" x 18"
Seat-to-Ground Height Range2 23-25"
Weight Without Batteries2 160 lbs.
Weight With Batteries 220.4 lbs.
Seat-to-Deck Range2 16.5"-18.5"
Battery Weight6 30.2 lbs. each
Battery Requirement7 Size: (2) 50 AH
Per Charge Range8.9 Up to 19.7 miles (200 lbs.); Up to 13 miles (400 lbs.)
Battery Charger Off-board, 5A
Suspension Front and rear
Weight of Heaviest Piece2 77 lbs. (front section)

How fast does the Pride Victory LX Sport go?

At full speed, you can reach 8.6 mph.

You will find some other brands offer scooters that go faster than this, however high quality brands put a high emphasis on safety too.

In order for a mobility scooter to go faster than around 10 mph, heavy investment must be made to ensure it stays just as safe. For this reason, the more reputable and safe a brand, the more they cap the top speed of their mobility scooters.

How long do the Pride Victory LX Sport batteries last per charge? How many years of use can I get out of the batteries?

Battery running time per charge is measured in miles as opposed to time i.e. how many miles can a fully charged set of batteries take the scooter?

The answer depends on the user’s weight as well as the kind of terrain the scooter is operated upon.

Please take these manufacturer figures with a grain of salt, bearing in mind manufacturers may test their scooters in optimum conditions you won’t find in real life.

For a Pride Victory LX Sport mobility scooter, the batteries last: 13 miles.

The lifetime of your Victory LX Sport batteries is approximately 3 years, but very much depends on how much you use your scooter and whether you take good care of your batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries can be expensive to replace, please be in contact with us for a quote.

How much weight can the Pride Victory LX Sport carry?

The weight capacity of the Pride Victory LX Sport mobility scooter is 400 lbs.

What kind of ground clearance does the Pride Victory LX Sport have? Is it good for paths and trails?

The Pride Victory LX Sport has a ground clearance of 2.2". And with its powerful motor, it will do very well on grass, gravel, and dirt paths.

Documentation, Manuals & Safety


Does the Pride Victory LX Sport mobility scooter have lights for nighttime riding? Does it have turn signals?

Yes, this mobility scooter comes with a full lighting package – a powerful headlight - rear lights as well as front - and rear turn signals. Riding in the dark isn’t for everyone though and you should carefully consider the safety of doing this in your area, even with a full lighting package on your scooter.

Options & Upgrades

Daily Operation & Transportation

Daily Operation

Can I ride the Pride Victory LX Sport mobility scooter in the rain, snow, wind, and hot sun?

  • Rain: It’s OK and safe if you get caught in the rain once in a while, or go through an occasional puddle, but you should try to avoid a trip if you know it’s going to rain.
  • Snow and ice: We cannot take responsibility for using the scooter in these kinds of weather conditions.
  • Cold weather: Fine, though it does negatively impact the battery's health and lifetime.
  • Wind: Generally not an issue unless very strong winds could tip the scooter over. If you have a mobility scooter with a canopy, remember, very strong winds can act as a sail to tip over your scooter.
  • Hot sun: No issue as far as the scooter is concerned. Remember to take along ample hydration!

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