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All you need to know about the Afiscooter C Series (C3 & C4) Mobility Scooters

Table of Contents

Afiscooter C3

The Afiscooter-C line of mobility scooters is the second most important series of mobility scooters made by the Israeli brand Afikim, also known as Afiscooters. Following closely on the heels of the S services, the C3 (3 wheel version) and C4 (4-wheel version) are perfectly sized mid-size mobility scooters that are the jacks of many trades.

Underlying these mobility scooters is the trademark quality, luxury and performance users have been accustomed to receive from Afikim-Afiscooters, one of the oldest names in the mobility scooter industry.

To ensure that the information presented in this comparison guide is accurate and authoritative, all claims and comparisons have been fact-checked and verified with official sources. Links to the official manufacturer’s websites for the Afikim Breeze C3 and Afiscooter C4 have been provided, as well as links to other reputable sources in the mobility scooter industry-

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Scooter

C3 & C4 Specifications & Performance Comparison Table

FeatureAfiscooter C3Afiscooter C4Winner
Weight Capacity400 lbs400 lbsTie
Max Speed9.3 mph9.3 mphTie
RangeUp to 37 milesUp to 37 milesTie
Wheels3 Wheels4 Wheels C4
Turning Radius50″67″ C3
SeatSwivel, AdjustableSwivel, AdjustableTie
Ground Clearance4 inches4 inchesTie
SuspensionFull Suspension SystemFull Suspension SystemTie
Battery2 x 12V 85 Ah2 x 12V 85 AhTie
Warranty2-year warranty2-year warrantyTie

C3 & C4 Advantages & Disadvantages Comparison Table

AspectAfiscooter C3Afiscooter C4Winner
StabilitySuitable for flat and smooth surfacesGreater stability on uneven surfacesC4
ManeuverabilityBetter for indoor use and tight spacesSuitable for outdoor and off-road useC3
ComfortErgonomic tiller designErgonomic tiller designTie
AdaptabilityEasily navigate crowded or narrow areasBetter suited for rough outdoor terrain C4
Exposed wire basket in frontExposed front glove compartmentTie
Optional large rear box or basketOptional large rear box or basketTie
AestheticSleek, modern designSleek, modern designTie
SafetyGood for experienced scooter usersImproved safety due to added stability C4

Why the Afiscooter C Series is the Best Choice for You

C series vs. S series and SE

It’s useful to think of the Afiscooter C3 and C4 mobility scooters as baby brothers of the S3 and S4 Afiscooters. Compared with the flagship, ultra luxury S series, Afiscooter C scooters are smaller in size, have less powerful motors, smaller rear wheels, smaller seat sizes, less storage space, smaller capacity batteries, less legroom etc.

This might make the C scooter sound like an inferior, “less than” scooter but that isn’t the case, it’s simply toned down, compared to the ultra-deluxe and very large S Afiscooters.

You should consider getting a C model if you:

  • Do not wish to spend more than $4,500 on your scooter
  • Want access to small supermarkets or downtown stores
  • Will need to get through narrow doors
  • Need to transport your scooter on a platform lift and your hitch can’t support the weight of an S series Afiscooter

You might consider an S scooter instead of C Afiscooter if you:

  • Are OK with the higher price tag ($5,300+)
  • Want the most powerful motor possible
  • Need to go on very rough terrain requiring maximum ground clearance
  • Want extra wide all-terrain tires (these aren’t available on C scooters).
  • Want extra wide seat (up 2 33” for 2 passengers)
  • Need to carry lots of shopping or cargo

The C3 and C4 Afiscooters are not very alike to the Afiscooter SE, a motorcycle-style retro-looking mobility scooter with huge wheels and a true handlebar configuration. The C scooters are much closer to standard mobility scooter with its relatively smaller wheels, standard delta wig-wag tiller configuration, and shroud-covered chassis.

Check out this video featuring the Afiscooter C Series, where we demonstrate both 3-wheel and 4-wheel models:

Get to know the Afiscooter C Series!

C3 vs C4

Afiscooter C3 side view.
Afiscooter C3
Afiscooter C4 Silver side view
Afiscooter C4

The Afiscooter C series comes in 2 basic configurations: C3 and C4. There is no C1 or C2 – C3 stands for C-3-Wheel configuration and C4 for C-4-Wheel. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Afiscooter Breeze C3 vs the Afikim C4 scooter?  Broadly speaking, this will boil down to the advantages/disadvantages between 3-wheel vs 4-wheels scooters, however, there are some brand-specific points to consider too. Keep in mind, the Afikim C4 is several hundred dollars more expensive than the C3.

Go for the C4 if you:

  • Prefer extra peace of mind in stability and protection against tipping (the C3 is not unstable, both are extremely hard to tip) but having 4 wheels adds an extra layer of protection
  • Are OK with spending a few hundred dollars extra vs. the C3
  • Do not need to use your scooter in your home or very small stores
  • Are OK with a wider turning radius using up more space each time you make a turn
  • Need a canopy and/or rain sides – this is only available on the C4s, not C3

Go for the C3 if you:

  • Prefer nimble, relatively sharper turning radiuses
  • Need to use the scooter in your house or in small stores
  • Want to get largely the same scooter with the same motor, warranty, performance and quality, yet save a few hundred dollars compared with the C4
  • Don’t need a canopy or rain sides

The C4 also has an enclosed front glove compartment whereas the C3 has an exposed wire basket. Afi

How the Afiscooter C Series Can Make Your Life Easier

Canopy and Rain Sides

A new addition to the Afiscooter C line are windscreen/roof canopies. Previously, this was only available on S series scooters, but this has since been extended to the Afikim C4 Scooter as well. 

In 2021, a redesign of the C4 was released, boasting a modern, sharp design with a clear windscreen arching over the rider’s head turning into an opaque covering directly over the driver.

Afiscooter C canopy for all-weather protection

This canopy offers great protection from:

  • Head-on wind, dust and debris
  • Light, occasional rain or snow
  • Having your hands (which are on the steering controls) directly exposed directly to cold wind

The canopy does not protect you from the elements from the sides or rear. Those wanting a more fully-enclosed experience with the Afikim C4 can get the rain-sides upgrade. This clear vinyl cover rests on the Afiscooter C4 canopy (you must have the canopy for it) and drapes on either side. Two zippers on either side act as doors, allowing access from either side of the scooter. With the rain sides, you are more protected from the cold, rain, wind, snow, and debris.

The rain sides are very easy to remove. If you live in an area that sees rain in the winter and has dry summers, you can easily remove the rain sides for the summer, leaving just the canopy underneath.

Interestingly, these enhanced protection features distinguish the C series from many compact models, such as auto folding mobility scooters, which typically do not offer such extensive shielding from the elements due to their focus on portability and convenience.

As far as the hard canopy goes, this is not easily removable. If thinking of getting one you should be aware you won’t be able to remove it when practical or necessary unless you have a qualified tech to do the procedure for you. Doing so on your own could invalidate your warranty.

Similarly, although possible, it is a complicated and expensive task to add a hard canopy post-purchase. If you are thinking about getting a canopy, beware that it’s hard to add one post-purchase and you’re best off making up your mind one way or another at the time of purchase.


Afiscooter C models come with a front compartment for C4’s and a front wire basket for C3’s.Afiscooter C wire basket (left) and enclosed front glove compartment (right)

At the rear, you can get a large lockbox matching the color of your scooter which mounts to the back of your seat. Alternatively, you can opt for a large wire basket which attaches to the rear hitch that sticks out from the bottom of the seat. Unlike the Afiscooter S series, on the C models, both these storage options are paid upgrades.

Afiscooter rear lock box (left) and large rear basket (right)

Note: If going with the latter basket option, you won’t be able to use the rear universal hitch for other uses such as a walker holder or a mini scooter trailer.

There is no underseat storage (the batteries use up the space under the seat). To further extend your storage capacity consider: 

  1. Armrest bags (we can usually give you these for free)
  2. A seat backpack designed for mobility scooters. This cannot be used in conjunction with the lockbox mentioned above
  3. A scooter mini trailer
  4. Remember you can store your drinks in the two cupholders built into the scooter under the dash


Afiscooter C seats have a very luxurious and comfortable feel to them and are based on an orthopedic design. All seats are leather-effect highback captain seats with a headrest. The seat can be folded down for reducing the overall height of the scooter e.g. during transport or storage.

Afiscooter C full captain seat close up.

The standard seat width for all Afiscooter C models is 18”, whether C3 or C4. This is large enough for most riders. If you weigh 250 lbs or more, a 20” seat might be more comfortable and can be purchased as an upgrade.

All seats have a swivel function to help you get in and out of the scooter – this is activated by a lever under the seat. There are also sliders which enable moving closer or further away from the tiller so you’ll always be 100 percent comfortable whether you’re short, tall, like extra legroom, or prefer a snug fit.


Afiscooters/Afikim might not be the most well-known name in the mobility scooter industry  – chances are you haven’t heard of them till now. Where they are known, the name stands for high-quality products, backed up by the best warranty policy in the industry 2 years bumper to bumper in-home service warranty (conditions apply). 

This means that in the case of something which is covered by warranty failing, instead of just receiving advice and a replacement part, or being directed to a service center, a local technician will come round to your home to do the repair, no matter where you live in the contiguous US. You won’t pay any of the labor costs – all this is covered by Afiscooter themselves.


Afiscooter C mobility scooters go up to 9.3 mph at top speed. This is enough for most uses within neighborhoods, retirement centers, paths, and trails.

Afiscooter C4 with Canopy Live Image

The reason these scooters don’t go faster is that the number 1 priority for Afiscooters is your safety. Elderly people who are most likely to use these scooters often suffer from delayed reaction times, declining vision, and less dexterity at the controls. These scooters are designed to keep you safe no matter what, and higher speeds make that safety record and policy harder to achieve.

For areas where you wish to go slower for safety reasons such as crowded pedestrian areas or inside stores, there is an easy-to-reach half-speed switch on the controls which caps your top speed at 4.7 mph. Even if you accidentally press the throttle all the way. It goes without saying that by pressing the throttle gently instead of all the way, you will go significantly slower than the top speed. 

If you want to go faster than 9.3 mph, consider another brand of scooter from our Fastest Mobility Scooters collection page.

Anti theft

What’s stopping someone from walking away with your Afiscooter C? Your scooter will not run unless the ignition is turned on. This requires a key. Without turning the scooter on, it will be locked in gear and will not roll if pushed. 

You can also add an alarm – similar to those used on motorcycles – which sounds if the scooter is moved when your fob is not in close proximity to the scooter. 

Another anti-theft advantage of the Afiscooter C is its weight. At 209 lbs. It isn’t easy to walk away with it like it might be with travel mobility scooters. 


The dashboard of the Afiscooter C recently underwent a modernization upgrade and redesign. You now get the latest LCD digital dash surrounded by easy push, handy buttons that make operating this class of scooter such a breeze. Afiscooter C delta tillerThe digital dash shows you your:

  • Current speed in mph
  • Separate right and left turn signal indicators (blinkers)
  • Headlights indicator

Total Weight and Transportation

If you’re looking for a travel scooter, one that can be transported in your car trunk, an Afikim C scooter probably isn’t for you. It’s always a trade-off – compact/folding mobility scooters will never come close to the power, stability, durability, and performance of the Afi C mobility scooter, but that also means it’s going to be larger, bulkier, and heavier.

This scooter is 26” wide, and 51” or 54” long for the C3 and C4 respectively. This is not going to fit in a car trunk, and even if it would, it’s not easy to lift its total weight at around the 200 lb mark depending on the model and configuration. If you have a canopy version, the height could present an issue too.

You can transport your Afikim C Mobility scooter on a pickup truck bed, but you’ll need a ramp to get it up there. If considering transporting a copy version C mobility scooter on an enclosed pickup truck bed, remember to check the dimensions as the canopy adds significant height.

You can get an electric vehicle lift or manual platform carrier which mounts on your rear trailer hitch. These can take the weight of an Afiscooter C, however, not all cars can take the weight on the hitch. You’ll need an allowed tongue weight of at least 350 lbs. To support this scooter. If you have a sedan or small car, we’ll check this out for you, based on your make, model, and hitch installed.

Another option is getting a trailer to transport the Afiscooter C by car. We sell the ScootaTrailer, a trailer designed specifically for mobility scooters. It is designed and manufactured by a US company, right here in the US, though it is a little pricey. You can always get your own cheaper, small trailer to tow your mobility scooter wherever you go! 

Motor, Climbing Angle, and Side Angle

Afiscooter C4 with canopy back view

All Afiscooter C models come with a 950W, 24V DC motor. One of the main benefits to getting an Afiscooter mobility scooter is the powerful motor and superb incline climbing ability. Though not as awesome as the Afiscooter S which is the best you can get for hill climbing, the Afiscooter C packs a power punch going up hills and gradients, rated for 9 degrees, 16% and although it does slow down on hills, in our experience, this figure is conservative and the C mobility scooter will go up even steeper hills than 9 degrees, 16%.

Not only is this mobility great at tackling steepness head-on, it is also amazing at keeping stable when being tilted to the side. Let’s say you’re riding not up hill, but along one and you are tilted to the right or left. You would want to be confident you aren’t going to tip over to the side! The Afiscooter C can handle a sideways tilt of up to 14 degrees! It’s pretty amazing sitting on the scooter, feeling all that tilt, and feeling how the scooter just will not tip. 


The Afiscooter C comes with an 8 amp, 24V charger – this higher amperage ensures faster charging times so you can turn around your scooter from almost empty to more than half full in under 3 hours. This kind of charger is common in much larger mobility scooters such as the Afiscooter S and SE, and the Merits Silverado Extreme

All Afiscooters come with a DC (direct current) off-board charger, meaning the adaptor that converts the electricity from your wall outlet’s AC (alternating current) to DC comes as part of the charger. The adaptor is not located inside the scooter itself as was the case for older scooters. 

This high-quality charger comes free with every Afiscooter C, at no extra charge.

The charging socket for all Afikim C mobility scooters is conveniently located right under the tiller, so you don’t have to bend down to reach the charging port. At the other end, the charger is plugged into any regular wall outlet, whether inside your home, apartment hallway, or garage that has a regular electrical socket outletAfiscooter C charging socketThe mobility scooter charging port is a circle with three holes and should not be confused with the small, rectangular USB charger which comes with every C model for the purpose of recharging your device, and is also located near the tiller. Consult the users’ manual that came with the scooter if unsure.

In normal circumstances, the Afiscooter C can go at least 27 miles before needing recharging. You can get an even longer run of 40 miles by selecting a battery upgrade in the “Options & Upgrades” section of any Afiscooter C product page. This is more than enough for most people’s daily needs, so the recommended charging schedule is super convenient; after your day is done, leave the scooter to recharge overnight.

Service and Life Time

How often should you service your Afiscooter C? Don’t forget for the first two years, you have a free in-home service warranty. However, this only covers repairs, not checkups. It also doesn’t cover wear and tear such as a flat tire or worn seat. We recommend you have your Afikim C scooter checked by a mobility scooter technician at least once a year. They will check electronics, tire wear, debris buildup, motor, and battery health.

With proper care, you can expect your Afiscooter C model to last a good ten years. Don’t forget, the batteries will indeed to be replaced approximately every two years. 

Ground clearance, wheels tires, all-terrain use

The Afiscooter is a mid-range mobility scooter when it comes to all-terrain use. It outshines travel and full-size mobility scooters by far with its performance on dirt paths, grass, gravel, and other small obstacles. However, if you plan on going on extensive farmland, hiking trails with large tree roots etc., the Afiscooter S series is probably a better match.

Afiscooter C with canopy live image

Let’s delve into the figures. The Afiscooter C has 4” of ground clearance. This is generous for most outdoor uses. The S series has 5” of ground clearance.

You might see other brands with higher ground clearances such as 8” of ground clearance. Bear in mind that the better the brand, the higher the focus on safety. Higher ground clearances mean a higher risk of tipping over due to a resulting higher center of gravity. Better mobility scooter brands will generally stick to ground clearances, not above 5”.  

Besides ground clearance, the wheel and tires on a mobility scooter are important considerations too. The Afiscooter C comes with 4” thick, 12” diameter tires. This is far better than full-size or travel scooter would give you. They’re also air-filled/pneumatic tires as this is the best kind of tire when anticipating bumpier terrain. 

However, once again, the Afiscooter S series is even better, with larger rear 16” diameter wheels that can be upgraded to super wide golf tires that handle any terrain with ease.

Sources for Mentioned Features and Specifications​

Picture of Raphael Perlmann

Raphael Perlmann

Raphael is an experienced professional in the mobility scooter industry, committed to providing exceptional customer service and helping individuals make informed purchasing decisions. He has sold numerous mobility scooters and gained valuable firsthand experience with these vehicles, allowing him to offer reliable insights and practical advice to his customers.

With a deep understanding of the various models, features, and capabilities of mobility scooters, Raphael is dedicated to providing his customers with trustworthy information to help them make the best decisions for their mobility needs. He is always available to answer questions and address concerns, going above and beyond to make the buying process stress-free and easy for his customers.

Raphael is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated mobility scooter expert who takes pride in providing transparent and honest information to his customers. His commitment to exceptional customer service and helping people make informed purchasing decisions makes him an invaluable resource in the mobility scooter industry.

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