EWheels Recreational Mobility Scooters

EWheels Recreational Mobility Scooters
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Ewheels scooters often come with built-in accessory features such as a molded cupholder, rear wire basket and underseat storage. Adding  add-ons and accessories to EWheels scooters can be tricky as they do not come with universal rear accessory hitches –  keep that in mind.

Also note that EWheels seat sizes are not upgradeable – the size you see in each product’s seat size under specifications is the only size available. 

We sell both 3-wheel and 4-wheel EWheels mobility scooters – both types are listed below. Choose a 3 wheel model if you prefer maneuverability and tight turning over extra stability.  Choose a 4 wheel model if you prefer extra stability over maneuverability and tight turning.

EWheels scooters are generally pretty large and very fast. This makes them unsuitable for indoor riding. You do get an option to turn down the top speed, but this is usually still too fast for indoor riding.

Notable Mentions: Best EWheels Mobility Scooters


Side View EWheels EW-75 Silver Back View Red EWheels EW-75Front View EWheels EW-75 Silver

The EW-75 is among the most stable, efficient, and affordable mobility scooters on the market today. The 4-wheel configuration provides stability and dual suspension for a smooth ride. The EW-75 has been equipped with an impressive 43 mile range at a speed of 15mph. The device can also take on a full 400lbs., so larger individuals can use the mobility device.

The speedy EW-75 is not just about impressive range and variable speed options, but also houses some modern conveniences not often seen in today’s mobility devices. Onboard the EW-75 you will find a security system controlled through a vehicle style key fob. The EW-75 also maintains essential safety features such as a full lighting package, but it also allows riders to connect their mobile devices via Bluetooth, so you can have your favorite tunes along for the ride as well.


  •         Extra Cushion Seating
  •         Electric Brake Assist
  •         Lockable Storage Compartments


  •         Limited Color Choices
  •         No Adjustable Seat
  •         242lbs. Total Weight


Front View Red EWheels EW-52 Recreational Scooter Front View Orange EWheels EW-52 Recreational Scooter Front View Green EWheels EW-52 Recreational Scooter
Range is important in mobility devices and the EW-52 is certainly among the most long ranged mobility scooters on the market with an impressive 43 mile range. While traveling, the device can reach speeds of up to 15mph with variable speed controls, so you can drive the EW-52 at a speed that is most comfortable for you.

The EW-52 can be used in certain indoor situations, but it is most adapted to outdoor use. The device maintains a 5” ground clearance and multi-terrain tires, so it can contend with uneven surfaces with ease. 15” rear and 13” front tires further empower the multi-terrain ability of this mobility device. In addition to impressive performance capabilities, the EW-52 also manages to include a full lighting package and alarm system.


  •         Affordable
  •         500lb. Weight Capacity
  •         25 Degree Climbing Angle


  •         90” Turning Radius
  •         312lbs. Total Weight
  •         No USB Port


Front View Red EWheels EW-66 Side View Red EWheels EW-66 Front View Red EWheels EW-66

Having access to an additional seat may not be essential, but it does make the journey a lot more enjoyable and the EW-66 accommodates this notion. However, where most dual mobility devices maintain side by side seats, this model has chosen a front and back seating arrangement. The main advantage to this seating composition is it keeps the device from being too wide for smaller spaces. The EW-66 maintains a width of just 27”.

Not only is the EW-66 adaptable for dual travel, it can hold an impressive 600lbs while traveling at speeds of up to 15mph with a range of up to 35 miles. Front and rear suspension offer a smooth ride and a 700W brushless motor provides ample power for the journey. An easy to read LCD Dash display helps you keep an eye on speed, power, and overall health of the device. A ground clearance of 4.5” help you manage uneven spaces and the EW-66 has even managed to include rear and underseat storage compartments for your convenience.


  •         Adjustable Seating
  •         Electric Braking System
  •         Alarm Enabled


  •         No USB Port
  •         No Adjustable Tiller
  •         Only Available in Red

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