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Raphael Perlmann

Raphael Perlmann

Last Updated - March 24, 2023 @ 1:09 am

Table of Contents

The Top 4 All-Terrain Mobility Scooters for 2023 (according to our hyper-focused team)

Looking for an all-terrain mobility scooter but don’t know where to start? The good news is our site practically consists of just these kinds of scooters, so we’re in a good position to tell you which ones are the best!

Our top 4 all-terrain off-road mobility scooters guide is here to help you find the perfect mobility scooter for your outdoor adventures. We’ve done the hard work for you and gathered expert opinions to bring you accurate and reliable information about each of these powerful scooters. 

To ensure the information presented is accurate, we’ve fact-checked and verified everything with official sources, including the manufacturers’ websites. We’ve also included links to other trusted sources in the mobility scooter industry to give you even more valuable insights. With this guide, we hope to help you find the perfect all-terrain mobility scooter that suits your needs and preferences, so you can confidently explore the great outdoors.

Below you’ll see the best all-terrain mobility scooter available for purchase in the USA in 2023. There will be 3 wheel and 4 wheel models in the list below, for variety.

What makes these models all-terrain mobility scooters? The following stand out for:

  • High ground clearance (at least 5”) for bumpy, unpaved terrain
  • Great incline climbing ability
  • Sturdy, thick deep-tread tires
  • Good range per charge
  • Comfortable for bumpy rides

As mentioned on our collection page, all-terrain mobility scooters are not ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) in the general sense and cannot compare to sports models. These are all-terrain/off-road relative to other mobility scooters with emphasis/better performance on being able to traverse more challenging paths and roads. 

Here is a summary of the best 4 all-terrain mobility scooters in a table format for a quick view:

Afiscooter S4 All-Terrain-WheelsAfiscooter S3 All-Terrain-WheelsMerits Silverado ExtremeAfiscooter SE Single

Ground clearance

Incline PerformanceBestBestVery GoodVery Good
Suspension Rating

BestBestVery GoodVery Good

Comfortable seat

Range per chargeExcellentExcellentExcellentVery Good

Top Speed

11 mph with upgrade

11 mph with upgrade

9.6 mph

9.3 mph


2-year FREE In-Home
1-year FREE In-Home2-year FREE In-Home2-year FREE In-Home

Afiscooters is our preferred brand for quality, durability, and comfort. Especially for all-terrain scooters, these qualities are important. Add to this a 1400W motor and awesome climbing inclines abilities of up to 33% and you have a gold-standard all-terrain mobility scooter.

The S4 is part of Afikim/Afiscooter’s flagship S range. Formerly known as the Breeze series, the scooters have been awarded the world-class International Red Dot Award for design.

For all those bumps and jolts you might experience when taking your scooter on unpaved roads, grass, and gravel, the Afiscooter S4 offers the most comfortable riding experience we have seen so far on a mobility scooter. Be amazed by the plush orthopedic seat that’s more comfortable than many car seats and the flexible suspension really does its bit to smooth out any jerking. The suspension includes full front and rear wheel suspensions, assimilating soft plastic bumpers reducing impact shock as well as shock absorbers. 

AfiScooter S4 With Wide Tires Good Ground Clearance

When it comes to ground clearance, the S4 offers 5 inches which is ample for dirt paths and crossing grass. Five inches of ground clearance might be less than what you see on some other brands, but remember Afiscooter places a very high emphasis on safety. The higher the ground clearance, the higher the scooter off the ground and the more risk of tipping over. A clearance of 5” strikes a perfect balance between these two factors.  

This AfiScooter S4 All-Terrain-Wheels comes with extra-wide, rear all-terrain tires. You can get the standard Afiscooter S4 for a few hundred dollars cheaper, but we think if looking for an off-road model, you should go for these extra grips, and deep-tread tires.

AfiScooter S4 Rear WheelRear Tires of AfiScooter S4


Other features of the S range include a swivel seat, adjustable tiller, full lighting system and flip-up and outward-adjustable armrests.

AfiScooter S4 Wide Seat 

There is an entire shopping list of other options and upgrades for this scooter, including color, top speed (up to 11 mph), max user weight (up to 600 lbs), max range, canopy, and rain sides, dual seat for 2 passengers

AfiScooter S4 All Terrain With Canopy Single Seat AfiScooter S4 All Terrain 4 Wheel Dual Seat In Grey AfiScooter S4 With Rain Sides All Terrain 4 Wheel Scooter


All Afiscooter purchases come with a free 2-year in-home service contract warranty – the highest in the industry.


  • All-terrain large rear tires
  • Good ground clearance
  • Powerful motor
  • Good incline ability
  • Highly quality build
  • Ultra-comfortable suspension
  • 2-year in-home service contract warranty


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Large turning radius – not for inside homes
  • Too large to be taken in car trunk


  • 7.5” Wide x 16.8” High rear tires
  • 5” Ground clearance
  • Up to 11 mph top speed
  • Up to 33% climbing power

2 – Afikim AfiScooter S3 All-Terrain-Wheels 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

AfiScooter S3 All-Terrain 3 Wheel Scooter

As you can see, here at Heavy Duty Mobility, we’re pretty fond of Afiscooters and think this less-known brand deserves a spotlight, with many of our top picks chosen from their lineup.

What’s the difference between the  Afiscooter S4 and S3 and why did we choose the S4 as our top pick? This takes us back to the age-old question of 3-wheel vs 4-wheel and which is better. We generally find that our users prefer a four-wheel configuration when it comes to all-terrain scooters. This is because these models will likely be taken on bumpy paths and trails so the fear of tipping over is higher.

This is NOT to say the S3 is at all likely to tip over. The S3 has a very low center of gravity and even when trying to tip it over when sideways on a steep hill it’s highly unlikely to tip over.

Then there are the benefits of 3-wheel over 4 – maneuverability. Though this is a large scooter and not intended for indoor home use – especially with its all-terrain rear tires – the S3 AT can still be used inside large malls and supermarkets. Having just the one wheel in front makes turning a lot sharper – 56” vs. 90” on the S4.

It would be useful to read the description of the S4 All-Terrain-Tires above as it shares many of the characteristics of the S3. This model also comes standard with all-terrain rear tires. You can save a few hundred dollars by forgoing this upgrade, but we highly recommend the extra-wide, extra grip tires, perfect for your off-road adventures.

Other than the above differences, the S3 All-Terrain-Wheels comes with the same deluxe features as the S4 All-Terrain-Wheels – super comfortable suspension and seat comfort for those bumpy trails, full lighting package for unlit roads and paths, adjustable tiller, and a whole gamut of upgrade options.

You’ll get a 1400W motor with plenty of torque for steep inclines, strength, and reliability that makes Afikim our most recommended brand, and of course, 5” of ground clearance – perfect for your unpaved area needs.

All Afiscooter purchases come with a free 2-year in-home service contract warranty – the highest in the industry. 


  • All-terrain large rear tires
  • Ground clearance suited to gravel trails and grass
  • Powerful motor handles hills superbly
  • Highly quality build
  • Suspension, shocks, and soft bumpers
  • 2-year in-home warranty
  • Good turning radius for its size


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Some people prefer 4 wheels for extra stability
  • Needs lift/platform for transport


  • 7.5” Wide x 16.8” High rear tires
  • 56” turning radius 
  • 5” Ground clearance
  • Up to 33% climbing power

3 – Merits Silverado Extreme All-Terrain 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Merits Silverado Extreme All-Terrain 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Merits is a well-known name in the mobility industry, probably the #1 US supplier of electric wheelchairs, with a nice collection of mobility scooters available as well.

The Silverado Extreme is a flagship mobility scooter in every way: looks, performance, and comfort.

The sleek, modern lines of the Silverado Extreme are there to avoid the “old style” mobility scooters that some felt made them look old/disabled. The fun design here is sure to turn heads around in a positive way, adding a youthful spirit to your mobility device.

For great performance on grass and gravel, the Silverado Extreme has 5.1” of ground clearance and a 650 Watt motor to pull you along the bumps.

Large, high grip 16” tires provide great traction and the Silverado Extreme can tackle hills of up to 10 degrees/18%.

When going on bumpy roads and tracks, you want to make sure you get to your destination comfortably, not as a jolted sack of bones. The excellent suspension and shock system on the Silverado, as well as the pneumatic tire system, ensures you get a very comfortable ride by mobility scooter standards.

Merits Silverado Extreme All Terrain Full SuspensionRange per charge is impressive on this all-terrain mobility scooter  – we give you the 55-mile battery upgrade for free (worth $449.00). Though you might not actually see 55 miles from each charge as the manufacturer’s testing conditions are probably more optimal than yours, these are the highest capacity batteries used in the mainstream mobility scooter market and it is more than enough for even the adventurous customer!

Top speed is at 9.6 mph – not as fast as some other models but Merits place safety over all – some brands with faster top speeds have higher accident rates which Merits USA is trying to avoid.

It goes without saying a deluxe mobility scooter as this one comes with all you would expect – a full lighting package including signals, a swivel seat for easy access, comfortable, full back captain seat, LED display, and adjustable armrests. 

Merits Silverado Extreme All Terrain Comfortable Seat Merits Silverado Extreme All Terrain LED Display Merits Silverado Extreme Back Lights View


We offer a free year of in-home service on all Merits Silverados ($195.00) so if anything goes wrong, we have your back and someone will come around to fix your scooter.


  • 4 large pneumatic tires
  • Good ground clearance 
  • Powerful motor great on hills
  • Full suspension
  • 1-year in-home service contract warranty


  • High-cost
  • Large turning radius – not for inside homes
  • Too large to be taken in car trunk


  • 16” diameter tires
  • 5.1” Ground clearance
  • Up to 18% climbing power
  • 55 miles range per charge

This one is a bit of a twist compared with standard mobility scooters, but sometimes you’re looking for something different – something that will stand out in looks and performance.

The Afiscooter SE Motorcycle-Style All-Terrain Mobility Scooter is a retro-style scooter, hearkening back to the days of youthful fun and classy looks.

Why is the SE considered an off-road/all-terrain scooter? The main reason is its super large wheels – by mobility scooter standards these are enormous. At 24” for a set of rear wheels and 20” for the front wheel, these wheels are perfect for overcoming obstacles on non-tarmacked roads and grass. 

AfiScooter SE All Terrain Extra Large Wheels

A 1300 Watt motor provides the punch you need to get over gravel and imperfect roads, and the SE is great on inclines too, with rough torque to handle inclines of up to 14 degrees (25%).

Though it looks more bare-bones than other scooters and admittedly doesn’t come with some of the bells and whistles others offer, the Afiscooter SE does not compromise on comfort. Two shocks in the front and full rear suspension, along with pneumatic tires ensure you get a smooth ride despite the unfriendly terrain. 

AfiScooter SE All Terrain Outdoor Scooter

If shopping space or cargo is important to you, you’ll like the SE’s generous rear wire basket (or rear cargo platform if you prefer the dual seat version).

AfiScooter SE All Terrain Scooter Big Rear Basket

At 45”, the SE’s three wheels certainly deliver an advantageous turning radius – perfect for tight spots on a trail or if you want to take your mobility scooter into a supermarket or mall.

There’s also an adjustable tiller, swivel seat for easy mounting and dismounting, a lighting package including blinkers and sleek-looking mudguards. 

AfiScooter SE Rear Tire With Mudguard AfiScooter SE All Terrain Adjustable Tiller

 As you can tell if you’ve read the rest of this article, we believe in the Afiscooter brand and think they make some of the best scooters around. Don’t take our word for it –  all Afiscooter purchases come with a free 2-year in-home service contract warranty – the highest in the industry. 


  • 3 jumbo-sized wheels
  • Good ground clearance
  • Powerful motor
  • Good incline ability
  • Highly quality brand
  • Retro look sure to wow
  • 2-year in-home service contract warranty


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Too large to be taken in car trunk
  • No digital dashboard
  • More of a simplistic, bare-bones design


  • 24” High rear tires
  • 5” Ground clearance
  • Up to 25% climbing power
  • 1300 Watt motor

Summary of the best all-terrain mobility scooters

The four models above are our choice picks for what the 2023 market currently has to offer in terms of great all-terrain/ off-road mobility scooters available to buy today in the US.

All of the above excel in comfort, suspension, high ground clearance to avoid obstacles such as roots, grass, and stones, good driving range, and the ability to climb steeper hills and inclines.

We also made sure that our best picks only included mobility scooters from manufacturers that have a good warranty policy and a good track record of fulfilling that warranty should anything happen.

To learn more about all-terrain mobility scooters and whether they are the right choice for you. Check out our comprehensive information on the top of our our all-terrain collection page. Below this, you will see our collection of scooters in this category. To see more helpful info visit the bottom of the same page.

All our off-road/ all-terrain mobility scooters ship directly from the manufacturers’ warehouse, saving you time and money. Standard shipping is free across the contiguous USA. We are here to help with all your questions whether prior to or after sale. Contact us and speak to a real human.

Sources for Mentioned Features and Specifications

Raphael Perlmann

Raphael Perlmann

Raphael is an experienced professional in the mobility scooter industry, committed to providing exceptional customer service and helping individuals make informed purchasing decisions. He has sold numerous mobility scooters and gained valuable firsthand experience with these vehicles, allowing him to offer reliable insights and practical advice to his customers.

With a deep understanding of the various models, features, and capabilities of mobility scooters, Raphael is dedicated to providing his customers with trustworthy information to help them make the best decisions for their mobility needs. He is always available to answer questions and address concerns, going above and beyond to make the buying process stress-free and easy for his customers.

Overall, Raphael is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated mobility scooter expert who takes pride in providing transparent and honest information to his customers. His commitment to exceptional customer service and helping people make informed purchasing decisions makes him an invaluable resource in the mobility scooter industry.

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