EWheels EW-72 Classic Recreational Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel


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Quick Overview

Quick Overview

Key Features of the EW 72

  • Top speed of 15mph with variable speed dial
  • Sporty 4-wheel configuration and comfortable design
  • High end fully adjustable captain’s chair
  • Ground clearance of 6” and 92” turning radius
  • 700W transaxle motor and dual 48V 20Ah batteries
  • Front and rear abs brake system
  • Overall weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Ample storage compartments throughout
  • Key fob access and remote start capabilities
  • Shipped fully assembled and charged

A Look at the EW-72 scooter

Speed and great looks are built into every part of the EW-72 scooter. This mobility scooter is more than just a pretty face. It offers an impressive top speed of up to 15mph with a full power range of 43 miles (as per manufacturer specs). When you want to go fast without compromising on overall comfort, the EW-72 scooter delivers beautifully. The mobility device is able to contend with multiple terrains and easily moves along highways and pathways in both rural and urban environments.

A full lighting package onboard the device allows you to enjoy extended time outdoors. When the sun goes down, a flip of the switch provides a bright headlight with dimmer capabilities. Additionally, the EW 72 offers safety through a loud horn and alarm system along with emergency lights, brake lights, and turning signals.

Comfort has not been forgotten on the EW-72 scooter either. The single captain’s seat comfortably sits up to 500lbs. on a very supportive adjustable chair. With plenty of leg room and a sure grip floorboard, your feet can stay just as comfortable as the rest of you. Ample storage and easy to reach dash components complete the package for a comprehensive and amazingly designed mobility device.

Multi Facetted Captain’s Chair

Having a captain’s seat onboard any mobility scooter enhances overall comfort, but onboard the EW 72 you will find more than just a place to comfortably rest your derriere. This seat offers adjustability at every turn. Angle and height adjusted arm rests coupled with a reclining back rest ensure you have the exact setting for optimal comfort. Not only does the seat recline, it also slides forward and back to help boost your comfort level no matter what height you are.

Storage is a Must

Upon looking at the EW-72 scooter, storage is apparent with the large closable basket attached to the rear of the reclining seat. However, the EW 72 also features additional storage areas for your phone, cup holders, and other small objects on the tiller, but the device goes further than that. Designers included a large capacity lockable storage compartment beneath the seat. The key for the device turns the lock and the seat folds up when in the forward position for access to this area. This space also houses the main power switch that is flipped with the device arrives at your home.

Is The EW-72 scooter Easy to Pilot?

Although the EW 72 is a marvel of technology features, it is designed to be remarkably easy to use. Controls for the device are within arms reach right on the tiller and the large display helps you keep an eye on the power remaining in the battery system. When starting out, you can also choose the speed with variable capabilities from including slow, half speed, and top speed.



ALL EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter SPECIFICATIONS

Scooter Weight Capacity 500Lbs.
Speed: Up to 15mph Distance: 43 miles per charge (distance varies on terrain, riders weight, road surface, etc.)
Front Seat: Type Adjustable Folding Captains chair with backrest
Front seat: Size 18 ½ “x 18 ½ “x 30” (LxWxH)
Front Seat: 26 ½ “from Ground
Carton Size: Shipped Fully assembled on Pallet – 63”x 36”x 54” (LxWxH)
Basket Size: 10”x20”x12” (LxWxH)
Steering Height 46” from Ground
Turning Radius 92”
Power: Electric
Watts: 700 Watt
Motor Type: Transaxle differential brushless
Amps: 20 AH
Volts: 48 Volts
Dimensions: 56” x 27” x 52”
Seat folded down 46”
Floor Clearance: 6”
Batteries: (4) Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Climbing 12 degrees (21%)
Forward/Reverse switch: Yes
High/ Low Speed switch: Adjustable Speed Knob / Rheo-Stat
Front tire size: 14” tire type: 90/70-10 Tubeless
Rear tire size: 16” tire type: 3.0 – 10 Tubeless
Charger: 48-volt Smart Charger included
Throttle Type: Variable Speed Control – Twist Throttle
Key Start: Yes
Braking System: Front and Rear drum brakes with Electric Brake Assist
Drive System: 700 Watt Brushless Motor
Headlight: 12v LED Lights
Rear lights: 12v Bulb
Carton Size: Shipped Fully assembled on Pallet – 63”x 36”x 54” (LxWxH)
Scooter Weight: 257lbs with batteries
Battery Indicator: Yes
Front: Front Frame Suspension Bars
Rear: Rear Shock Absorbers
Reflectors: N/A
Warranty: Limited – 3 Year Warranty

How fast does the EWheels EW-72 go?

At full speed, you can reach 15 mph.

EWheels are known for being the fastest on the mobility scooter market and this is their strongest selling point.

How long do the EWheels EW-72 batteries last per charge? How many years of use can I get out of the batteries?

Battery running time per charge is measured in miles as opposed to time i.e. how many miles can a fully charged set of batteries take the scooter?

The answer depends on the user’s weight as well as the kind of terrain the scooter is operated upon.

Please take these manufacturer figures with a grain of salt, bearing in mind manufacturers may test their scooters in optimum conditions you won’t find in real life.

For a EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter, the batteries last: 43 miles.

The lifetime of your EWheels EW-72 batteries is approximately 2 years, but very much depends on how much you use your scooter and whether you take good care of your batteries.

The cost of replacing a set of EWheels EW-72 batteries is approximately $239

What kind of batteries are used in the EWheels EW-72?

This mobility scooter uses sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. These batteries are maintenance free, meaning you don’t need to add water to them or anything like that.

They happily stay under their shroud for the duration of their lifetime and you shouldn’t need to do anything to them at all.

Lithium-ion batteries are not used, primarily due to cost. With batteries expiring after 2-3 years, the cost of replacing lithium batteries for a machine this size would run into several thousand dollars, vs. gel-cell which is more around the $500 mark.

Will the EWheels EW-72 seat fit me?

This scooter’s seat width is 18.5”.

This is a great seat size for most people and is more generous than most standard/travel mobility scooters.

If in doubt, we recommend measuring a chair in your house that you’re comfortable on, to compare sizes.

How much weight can the EWheels EW-72 carry?

The weight capacity of the EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter mobility scooter is 500 lbs.

What kind of ground clearance does the EWheels EW-72 have? Is it good for paths and trails?

The EWheels EW-72 has 6 inches of ground clearance. Compared with other mobility scooters, it will do very well on grass, gravel and dirt paths.

How big is the EWheels EW-72? Will it fit indoors and how sharp does it turn?

The EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter is a large mobility scooter. You can drive it indoors to keep it safe and leave it close to the front door.

As far as stores are concerned, you can use it in large stores such as Walmart and in malls, but it may not fit in smaller supermarkets.

The EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter has a turning radius of 92”.

Options & Upgrades



How do I add accessories to the EW-72? Which Accessories are available?

A full list of accessories can be seen in the options and upgrades for this product HERE.

Do you offer any free accessories with the EW-72?

Yes! We offer an armrest saddle bag free with every EWheels purchase.

Will the accessories ship together and installed on the EWheels EW-72?

With standard delivery, accessories are not assembled on the scooter at time of delivery. With white glove delivery, EWheels accessories will be attached and Diestco accessories can be attached by request.

How to Purchase & What's Included

How to Purchase & What's Included

Why are mobility scooters so expensive?

We sell all our scooters at the minimum price (MAP) the manufacturer allows us to advertise for. If we advertise for cheaper, we could be prosecuted.

This means we are cheaper or at the same price as all dealers complying with the rules.

If you find another site selling for cheaper, we will price match, so long as they are within MAP.

Scooters can be expensive because of the following reasons:

The recent skyrocketing of shipping prices, coupled with rising inflation, have made these scooters significantly more expensive than they were, say one year ago.

Does Medicare/Medicaid or private insurance help pay for the EWheels EW-72?

Many heavy-duty/recreational mobility scooters do not qualify as medical devices under Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance strict rules. Though you might be disabled and using the device in a full medical sense, Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance seem to want to save as much money as they can, and do so by making the rules about which models qualify very strict.

You might have spent significant time trying to find a Medicare/Medicaid provider online, to no avail. This is because it’s actually very hard for dealers to become Medicare providers, again making it hard for patients to get free scooters, again saving the insurance money.

We don’t work with Medicare. We also do not bill private insurances directly. Some private insurances may reimburse you outside of Medicare’s framework. To check if your insurer does this, we recommend contacting them directly and asking. If they say yes, we’re happy to provide invoices/proof of purchases so you can get your money back from your insurer.

Here’s a full disclaimer with regard to Medicare/Medicaid:

Notice to Medicare/Medicaid Beneficiaries. Medicare will pay for medical equipment and supplies only if a supplier has a Medicare supplier number. Heavy Duty Mobility does not have a Medicare supplier number. Medicare will not pay for any medical equipment and supplies we sell or rent to you. You will be personally and fully responsible for payment.

What do I need to do to purchase the EWheels EW-72 scooter online/over the phone?

To purchase over the phone, simply call our toll-free number 1-888-233-5563 and we can help you from there.

If you are sure about the model you want, all we would need is your payment method (easiest is credit card or cash/checking account card) and your shipping address.

If you aren’t quite sure which model to choose, we can offer suggestions and advice to your heart’s content – until you’re perfectly satisfied.

What happens after my order for the EWheels EW-72 is placed?

After your order for the EW-72 is placed, you will see a screen that looks like this one:

You will also receive an email confirmation, detailing the item you brought and the price you paid. The email will come from: [email protected]

Your email confirmation will contain instructions regarding delivery, please read these carefully.

As soon as your item ships, we will send you an email containing a tracking link. Clicking on this link will allow you to track the shipping progress of your scooter.

If you chose standard, curbside delivery at checkout:

The shipping company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment – you don’t have to take the first day available – you can delay receiving your scooter for a couple of days if that works better for you. We will also provide you with their number so you can call to preemptively arrange an appointment, or incase they fail to call you.

The shipping company will call you usually within an hour of delivery, to let you prepare yourself at the curbside nearest to your home.

The truck (very often an 18-wheeler) will deposit your scooter on the curbside, on a wooden crate. For more info on unpacking, see the question below “How does my product arrive, is any setup required?”

If you choose White Glove Delivery at checkout:

The scooter will be sent to a technician in your area for setup. Once they have set it up (usually 1-2 business days), they will give you a call to arrange delivery.

You have paid for a premium service, so here you can really ask the tech to deliver at any time that suits you, delay for some time if you aren’t ready for delivery, etc. If in doubt, just call us at 1-888-233-5563.

At the time of delivery appointment, the local technician will bring the scooter right into your house, wherever you want it. In most cases, the tech will be able to advise you on how to operate the scooter.

What comes included/free with the EWheels EW-72?

  • Batteries are included.
  • Standard shipping is free.
  • Your scooter comes with a charger.
  • We also offer a free armrest saddle bag!

Financing & Monthly Payments

Financing & Monthly Payments

We are currently partnered with PayTomorrow so you can pay for your scooter in monthly instalments or choose a lease-to-own plan. You can see the minimum amount per month, above, next to the price of the scooter.

It’s a simple online process, usually with an instant eligibility response, but many less tech-savvy customers prefer help over the phone.

Contact us by calling our toll-free number 1-888-233-5563 or by live chat with one of our agents by clicking here.

Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Shipping, Warranty & Returns


How long from the time of order until I get my EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter?

This very much depends on two factors: the stock status above and how far you are from Phoenix AZ, where most EWheels scooters ship out from.

Bear in mind, different colors of the same model can have different stock statuses.

The stock status for this scooter can be seen just under the product title at the top of the page.

  • If an item is showing IN STOCK above, the estimated ship out time is 3 business days, but this might increase if staff is short.
  • Add to that transit times, usually between 2 and 6 business days, depending on your distance from Phoenix, AZ and how rural/urban your address is. (Some very rural areas take a little longer)
  • If an EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter is showing LEAD TIME with a number of weeks indicated, the estimated ship out time is that lead time plus standard ship out and transit time indicated in the paragraph above.

    You can always contact us for more details at 1-888-233-5563 or live chat with an agent by clicking here.

    Please note, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers/manufacturers. If we are showing an item as having a lead time, it’s almost certainly the same for other dealers who might not have the most up-to-date information on the websites and may show the item as having a lead time.

  • If an EWheels EW-72 mobility scooter is showing OUT OF STOCK above, please contact us for more details. You can call us at 1-888-233-5563 or live chat with an agent by clicking here.

    Please note, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers/manufacturers. If we are showing an item as out of stock, it’s almost certainly the same for other dealers who might not have the most up-to-date information on the websites and may show the item as in stock.