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A Comprehensive Guide to the Afikim Afiscooter S Series S3 & S4 Mobility Scooters

AfiScooter S3 and S4 with Canopy live image

Mobility scooters can help you get around efficiently. Here is everything you need to know about the popular Afiscooter S mobility scooter series.

Choosing the right mobility scooter for you can be a daunting task with so many options within the market. Afiscooter is one brand that undoubtedly popped up during your search, and for good reason. Since 1978, Afikim Electric Vehicles has been an industry leader in mobility scooters and innovative solutions throughout the field.

Afikim Electrics Afiscooter line is one of the most popular choices for those seeking mobility scooters. Of this line of products, the Afiscooter S stands out as being a highly dynamic and powerful piece of technology. Read the following guide to learn everything there is to know about this popular scooter to see if this is the right choice for your needs.

We want you to have the most accurate and helpful information possible when it comes to choosing a mobility scooter, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the Afikim/Afiscooters S series (S3 and S4). We’ve gone the extra mile to verify all of our claims and comparisons with official sources, including the Afikim website, so you can trust that the information you’re getting is reliable.

We know that there’s a lot of information out there on mobility scooters, so we’ve also included links to other trusted sources in the industry to help you make the most informed decision possible. With this guide, we hope you’ll feel confident in your choice of an Afikim/Afiscooter S3 or S4.

Vintage Afiscooter 1978 Mobility Scooter First Model
Vintage Afiscooter 1978 Mobility Scooter First Model

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S3 & S4 Specifications & Performance Comparison Table

FeatureAfiscooter S3Afiscooter S4Winner
Weight Capacity500 lbs (up to 600 lbs w/ bariatric upgrade)500 lbs (up to 600 lbs w/ bariatric upgrade)Tie
Max Speed11.2 mph11.2 mphTie
RangeUp to 37 milesUp to 37 milesTie
Turning Radius56” for 180° turn, 28″ for 90°90” for 180° turn, 45″ for 90°S3
SeatSwivel, AdjustableSwivel, AdjustableTie
SuspensionFull suspension systemFull suspension systemTie
Max Incline33%33%Tie
Ground Clearance5 inches5 inchesTie
Battery2 x 12V 100 Ah2 x 12V 105 AhTie
Warranty2-year warranty2-year warrantyTie

S3 & S4 Advantages & Disadvantages Comparison Table

Aspect Afiscooter S3 Afiscooter S4 Winner
Terrain Capability Comfortable and smooth ride on all terrains Stable and smooth ride on all terrains S4
Suspension Full advanced suspension system Full advanced suspension system Tie
Seat Comfort Orthopedic, fully adjustable seat Orthopedic, fully adjustable seat Tie
Storage Exposed front glove compartment; cupholders
Optional large rear box or basket
Exposed front glove compartment; cupholders
Optional large rear box or basket
Lighting System LED headlights, taillights, turn signals,
high/low beam headlamp
LED headlights, taillights, turn signals,
high/low beam headlamp
Maneuverability Better for indoor use and tight spaces Suitable for outdoor and off-road use S4
Transport Ability Much easier to transport if using a hitch lift
or carrier
Easy to transport if using a hitch lift or carrier S3
Adaptability Easily navigate crowded or narrow areas Better suited for rough outdoor terrain S4
Aesthetic Sleek and modern design Sleek and modern design Tie
Safety Good for experienced scooter users Improved safety due to added stability S4

What are the two different types of Afiscooter S?

There are two different types of the Afiscooter S that you may look at during your search for a mobility scooter: Afiscooter S3 and Afiscooter S4. The primary difference between these two models is the number of wheels on each, with the amount indicated by the number following the ‘S’. Let’s dive into some of the specifications for each variant:

Afiscooter S3

As mentioned, the Afiscooter S3 is the three-wheel variant of the Afiscooter S that has two sub-versions itself: the single seat or dual seat model. The overall length of the Afiscooter S3 is 61-inches, making it a relatively compact size for a mobility scooter. With a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds,  (up to 600 lbs. with a bariatric upgrade) this Afiscooter S3 can get anybody where they need to go. On top of this, the impressive 28-37-mile range with a maximum speed of 11.2 miles-per-hour makes it an efficient vehicle.

There are some key differences between the single and dual-seat models that are outlined below:

Silver Afiscooter S3 Mobility Scooter with Golf Tires
S3 Single Seat

S3 single seat

  • 27-inch standard wheels or 35-inch golf tires
  • 337-pound weight with batteries
  • 20-inch seating width
S3 Dual Seat

S3 dual seat

  • 37-inch standard wheels or 37-inch golf tires
  • 359-pound weight with batteries
  • 33-inch seating width

The performance specifications for the different variants of the S3 are the same, with the main difference being the weight and seating space. Both have a turning radius of 56-inches and a max climbing angel of eight degrees at its fastest speed. The Afiscooter S4, however, has more noticeable differences.

Afiscooter S4

The four-wheel variant of the Afiscooter S boasts a slightly longer 65-inch overall length as opposed to the 61-inch length of the S3. The height and ground clearance of both variants remains the same at 49-inches and 5-inches respectively. Both the weight capacity and travel distance are the same, but the turning radius is larger on the S4 at 90-inches. Seating width remains unchanged at 20-inches and 33-inches depending on whether you opt for the single or dual-seat.

Primarily, the difference between the three-wheel and four-wheel variant is the weight difference. With the batteries installed, the single-seat model is 342-pounds, whereas the dual-seat model is 364-pounds. Using the same 12V 105Ah battery, choosing between the Afiscooter S3 and S4 is all about how much stabilization and turning radius you wish to have.

How does the Afiscooter S compare to the C and SE?

Picking from the Afiscooter product line-up can be a challenge when the C and SE models also exist. That’s why separating these models is crucially important. The Afiscooter C is essentially a smaller variant of the Afiscooter S, with very few differences otherwise. In fact, the Afiscooter C also has the subvariant three and four-wheel models as seen with the Afiscooter S. The primary differences between these two are that the Afiscooter C features:

Red Afiscooter C4 Mobility Scooter
Afiscooter C4 - clearly smaller than the S4
  • 51 and 54-inch lengths, dependent upon the three or four-wheel variant chosen
  • 26-inch standard wheels with no golf tires offered
  • 165-pound and 209-pound weight respectively
  • 18-inch seating width
  • 12V 85 Ah battery
  • 25-28-mile range

When choosing between the Afiscooter S and the Afiscooter C, it is best to choose the former when you are seeking a mobility scooter that offers great weight capacity and more seating space.

On the other side of things, when comparing the C range to the SE scooter, the Afiscooter SE only comes as a three-wheel model but offers both single and dual-seat variants. In regard to looks, the Afiscooter SE is closer to a motorcycle type scooter, rather than a tradition motorized scooter.

Afiscooter SE Motorcycle-Style Recreational Mobility Scooter
SE looks little like the S3 and S4

In terms of size, it is closer to the Afiscooter S at 61 and 65-inches in length depending on the seating variant. It does offer a greater maximum weight capacity of 500-pounds, with larger front and rear tires. The Afiscooter S standard tire size is 3×10 inches for the front and 3.5×16 inches on the back.

The Afiscooter SE does have the smallest turning radius of the three series at 45-inches, along with a set maximum range of 28-miles. There is a 12V 73Ah battery included offering the power to this scooter. The seating width ranges from 18-inches to 33-inches depending on the model. Overall, these three Afiscooter variants are similar, with slight differences that can make choosing the right one solely based on personal preference.

Which Afiscooter is right for me?

As mentioned, choosing between the different Afiscooters can be a challenge with so many great offerings. The choice greatly depends on your lifestyle and what you are looking for with the scooter. If a mid-sized scooter that offers both a single and dual-seat variant is what you are looking for, aim your search towards the Afiscooter S or SE.

On top of this, ask yourself questions such as where you will be driving the scooter? The golf tires on the Afiscooter S3 and S4 are described as being a smooth ride over almost any surface due to their larger size. However, the SE wheels are more motorcycle-like and of a smaller width, meaning you would feel more bumps in the road. If the roads you plan to take it on are smoother, the SE can be a good choice. If you anticipate tough terrain, the S variants may be better

Afiscooter S wheels are not as large as SE wheels (shown)
Afiscooter S wheels are not as large as SE wheels (shown)

To narrow this down further, the speeds for both scooters are the same, but the Afiscooter S offers more customizability by having the availability of both a three and four-wheel variant. For the most flexibility and all-around usability, the Afiscooter S is an excellent choice. This is also reflected by the fact that this mobility scooter receives some of the highest reviews.

How can the Afiscooter S be used?

Assuming you have now determined the Afiscooter S is your preferred mobility scooter from the many offered, it’s important to see how it can be used. The Afiscooter S is a sturdy scooter that has an advanced suspension system which can provide a stable and smooth ride on all terrains. Whether you are driving on a golf course, gravel road, sidewalk, a dirt road, or more, this suspension system allows the Afiscooter S to be used nearly anywhere.

Afiscooter S Series Suspension
Afiscooter S Series Suspension

Key specs of the Afiscooter S

Beyond the specifications of the Afiscooter S mobility scooter outlined above, there are other categories where this scooter stands out from competitor models. Covering these differences can help you make an educated buying decision when comparing different scooter models:



Afiscooter S warranty is subject to the terms of your local distributor. If purchased through Heavy Duty Mobility, we offer a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty includes everything beyond basic wear-and-tear and batteries. These items are automatically covered by the manufacturer for 1 year after the purchase. Our warranty also includes parts, along with the ability to add an extra year to the warranty.

Afiscooter in-home service banner


Shipping through Heavy Duty Mobility is completely free. As for shipping times, these can vary depending on your distance from Florida, where the majority of Afiscooters are shipped from. Different models and customization options on the Afiscooter S can cause a difference in shipping times, but all estimations can be seen when viewing the product on our site.

Afiscooters USA Daytona Beach Warehouse
Afiscooters USA Daytona Beach, FL Warehouse

In general, if an item shows as in stock, the estimated ship out time will be 2-3 business days. There is then an estimated 2-6 business days for transit times, which can vary for those who are based in extremely rural areas. Should a product on our site indicate a lead time, you should add that lead time to the standard shipping estimate outlined above. In most cases, your mobility scooter will be delivered by an 18-wheeler truck, so keep this in mind when ordering your scooter. After delivery, your scooter should be nearly ready to ride after you unbox it and unfold some of the components such as the seat.


As mentioned earlier, the Afiscooter S has two, though technically four, different variations. The three and four-wheel versions both offer single and dual-seat variations that feature a difference in seating space. The benefit of the dual seat option is that it can either be used to seat two people, so that one doesn’t need to walk alongside, or it can be used by those who need additional seating space.

head-on view of S4 Dual seat 33"
head-on view of S4 Dual seat 33"

The Afiscooter S single seat has a few variants- you can get standard 20 inches of seating width, 22″ or 24″ for those who like the space. Whereas the dual seat model features 33 inches. To add perspective to this, the average size of a dining chair is 16-20 inches, which goes to show how wide even the standard single seat is on the Afiscooter S. However, should you need more room, the 33-inch dual seat version can offer plenty.

All these sizes can be chosen on our product page section called “Options and Upgrades”.

Choosing seat width in "Options & Upgrades"

In addition, the Afiscooter S4 features flip-back armrests and a height adjustable seat. With a high-back seat, the adjustability can make it a great fit for anyone. The maximum seat to deck height is 20 inches, whereas the maximum seat to ground height is 26 inches. This adjustability means no matter how short or long your legs are, you can sit comfortably.

On top of this, the footrest to seat distance from the front edge is 16 inches on the S3 and 19 inches on the S4, which means you don’t need to worry about your knees being jammed up towards your chest. The backrest also has a complete 90-degree angle which helps to ensure comfortable posture while riding the scooter.


The suspension system on the Afiscooter S provides for both a large weight capacity and impressive speed. Whether you choose to opt for the three or four-wheel variant, the suspension system on this mobility scooter allows a user to drive over almost any terrain. At a max speed of 9.3 miles per hour, this scooter’s suspension allows for an eight-degree incline climb.


The engine within the Afiscooter S variants is powerful. While not a literal engine, there is a 12V 105Ah battery (two) and a 24V DC motor providing 1,400W of rear wheel drive. This comes with an 8Amp charger that allow for the speed range from 6.2-9.3 miles per hour. With the maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds, you can rest assured that the power behind this mobility scooter is one of the best on the market.

Also, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals who use mobility scooters is a top priority, which is why we encourage our readers to check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent blog post on ‘Power Prep: Protecting Against Power Outages.’ The post offers practical tips and resources for preparing for power outages, which can help mobility scooter users and others stay safe during emergencies.

As it should be assumed, it is always advised to stay seated while operating the Afiscooter S, as the motor is powerful and can quickly accelerate if pressed down.


Any mobility scooter needs to have the ability to brake, and responsively at that. On flat ground, the minimum braking distance from the max speed of 9.3 miles per hour is 3,000 mm, which is an impressively small distance. The maximum safe slope for braking is 11.3 degrees, so it is important not to exceed this slope.

If in freewheel mode and the key is in the off position, the Afiscooter S will activate regenerative braking which causes the controller within the scooter to act as the speed governor. This uses electricity to rapidly slow the vehicle. It also features a park brake system that automatically activates after regenerative braking that will slow the mobility scooter to a stop.


As mentioned earlier, there are two-wheel variants a user can choose between for the Afiscooter S: standard or golf tires. These range in size from 27-37 inches for the standard wheels and 35-37 inches for the golf tires. The large wheels allow users to drive over unpaved roads over moderately rough terrain and over obstacles as high as five inches.

Shock absorbers on the front and back are attached to the wheels which helps to smooth out the ride. It is crucial that tire pressure be kept at 25 plus or minus two PSI or 20 plus or minus two PSI for the 4W version. Should you choose golf wheels, they should be kept at the same as the 4W variant. It is recommended to check tire pressure every two weeks.

Extra storage

One excellent feature of the Afiscooter S is the ability to have extra storage. Depending on the specific model, there may be cupholders attached. Most Afiscooter S models will come with a lockable storage container that can hold basic items such as your wallet, phone, a small umbrella, and other items.

There is also the option to add a rear lockable storage compartment that can be attached to the back of the dual scooter, allowing larger items such as groceries or shopping bags to be included. This container is also waterproof that can help ensure your goods are not damaged during travel.

Additionally, it is possible to get a golf cart variant of the Afiscooter S that includes storage hooks for golf clubs and other items. This can be a great option for anybody who foresees taking their scooter out on golf days.

Weather protection

Naturally, one may wonder whether or not a mobility scooter will protect them from the elements. The base variants for the Afiscooter S do no feature weather protection beyond the standard waterproof storage container. However, there are variants to the Afiscooter S that feature an overhead canopy to protect against rain, snow, sun, or other elements.

Additionally, it is possible to add rain sides onto the scooter that act similarly to doors. While they do not lock flushly against the side like a door, they can be secured strongly enough to protect from both wind, rain, bugs, and anything else. As an added feature, there is the option to add in a free Afi kit that includes a rain poncho and a key chain at the time of purchase.

Scooter Variations

The Afiscooter S has two primary variation and two sub variations as outlined earlier. The three wheel and four-wheel models are the two primary variations where the primary difference is the weight capacity and turning radius. However, the four-wheel model will allow for an upgrade on the max speed from 9.3 miles per hour up to 11.2 miles per hour.

Additionally, with a higher torque of seven miles per hour, you can rest assured knowing any Afiscooter S variant will get you up and down any terrain you are looking to tackle. The Afiscooter S4 variant is best for those who are seeking a larger scooter with more turning capabilities.

Battery information

The range on the battery within the Afiscooter S is between 28-31 miles, being powered by the two 12V 105Ah batteries under the hood. It is recommended that you charge your battery ever 18 hours by removing the battery cover and checking the battery connection, as well as for any corrosion. Be aware that each battery weights a minimum of 50.6 pounds, so always lift with your knees and legs when going to replace the battery.

Leaving the batteries uncharged for an extended period of time can result in a reduced travel distance and a cut life for the battery.

Additional features

On top of all of the above, there are many additional features that can be added onto the Afiscooter S. Orthopedic swivel seats are one such addition, along with seat sliders that can make adjusting your seat to your personal preference a breeze. These are not offered on the dual seat variation, and the 22-inch seat with a rear box presents an issue with this.

Additionally, all of the weather protection options mentioned earlier are available to be added. The traditional Afiscooter S is offered in blue, dark gray, silver, and red which is many options to choose from for your personal preference. Built in amenities such as USB charging and cupholders help to enhance the experience of your drive. Safety features such as signals, lighting, seat belts, and the Afikit mentioned earlier all help you stay safe and comfortable out on the road. 

The LED screen helps those with troubled eyesight see the speed they are traveling as well as acceleration information and more. A comprehensive user guide is attached with the Afiscooter S that can help you learn to use it, but our friendly customer service representatives are always available to help with any questions you may have. As mentioned before, added storage is also always a possibility with a lockable rear storage, and avid sports players will certainly enjoy the ability to add a golf bag with clubs to their scooter.

It’s also worth noting that both Afiscooter S variants come with headlights, which means you don’t need to worry about the sun setting when you’re riding these scooters. The charging port for the scooter is on the tiller (or control handlebars) itself, so keep this in mind when deciding where to store your scooter when not in use.

Check out this video featuring the Afiscooter S Series, where we demonstrate both 3-wheel and 4-wheel models, along with its dual-seat and canopy configurations:

Pricing and financing information

The pricing for the Afiscooter S varies greatly depending upon which add-ons are included, extra features, and the specific model that is chosen. Our prices range from the low $6,000s to the mid-$8,000s, which is a major discount from their standard market price. Still, this is a substantial price which we absolutely understand can be difficult to meet despite the necessity of a mobility scooter for some.

That’s why we offer competitive financing for those who purchase through our site online. Our partner PayTomorrow helps you manage your payments so that you can get your mobility scooter and break your payments down into manageable chunks. To receive financing will only take a soft check on your credit (which won’t affect your credit score), instant evaluations on your credit profile to quickly give you an offer, and fair payment terms.

There are three primary financing types you can attempt to qualify for, each of which offering different terms:

PayTomorrow Prime

  • Payment plans up to $10,000 for 48 months
  • 0%-20.9% APR
  • 0% APR option for 6 months
  • No down payment or prepenalty
  • No hidden fees
  • Quick and easy approval

PayTomorrow Classic

  • Payment plans up to $6,500 for as long as 24 months
  • 90-day early payoff option
  • Ability to checkout for as low as $59
  • No hidden fees
  • Quick and easy approval

PayTomorrow No Credit

  • No credit check needed
  • 90-days same as cash
  • No money needed today to check-out
  • No banking info required at check-out
  • Payment plans up to $5,000
  • 13-month term offering weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly payments

Receiving one of the above offers from PayTomorrow requires qualifying. See your potential financing price listed beneath the pricing on our site. 

Why you should buy from Heavy Duty Mobility

At Heavy Duty Mobility, we stand out from the competition by offering pre-selected scooters and excellent personal customer service. We take pride in never being beaten by any online price and are more than willing to price match should you find a lower offer online. Additionally, we offer free shipping, along with post-sale service should there be any issues with your shipping or with your scooter upon arrival.

On top of this all, we offer leading financing options with 0% APR for those with good credit. Should your credit be lower than standard, we are completely up-front about the interest rate you can expect. If you are ready to pick out the Afiscooter S that is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with our friendly customer service representatives

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Sources for Mentioned Features and Specifications

Raphael Perlmann

Raphael Perlmann

Raphael is an accomplished professional in the mobility scooter industry, passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their mobility needs. With over four years of experience, he has gained a deep understanding of the various models, features, and capabilities of mobility scooters.

Having sold numerous mobility scooters, Raphael offers valuable firsthand experience and insights to his customers. He is committed to providing reliable and trustworthy information to help his customers make the best purchasing decisions, and is always available to answer questions and address concerns.

Raphael's dedication to his customers extends beyond regular business hours, as he strives to make the buying process as stress-free and easy as possible. He takes pride in providing transparent and honest information, and is a valuable resource for those seeking guidance in the mobility scooter industry.

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We will work with you over the phone or send out a technician to address your concern, depending on your scooter type and its associated warranty.


Heavy Duty Mobility enjoys excellent relations with the manufacturer of its products.

This is an advantage to our customers, as manufacturers are often involved with the warranty process and answering technical questions.

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